Saturday, January 14, 2012

where does time go?

i swear.  one day it's monday, the next it's saturday.  jeez.  i had to babysit both thursday and friday and well, once the kids leave and i get mine to bed, i'm done for.  i'm old.  i can't hang with the big kids anymore.

friday was a busy day.  i had madelyn's little boyfriend and his twin brother here.  lily was here, josh was here after school...and then emma had her 'big game'  she was so totally stoked for it and darik got home in time to go watch her which made her even MORE excited.  i of course brought pictures :p

she was SO into the game.  she had no idea what was going on....but wanted to root on the boys!

she had tons of fun and that's all that was really important to me.  i have a feeling the next time the opportunity comes up, she'll be alll over it.

today we took the girls to see beauty and the beast 3D and then ate at the food court in the mall and then went to Target.  it's becoming a sort of 'winter tradition' that we all get together for a girls day on saturday's when lynn doesn't have to work in the am.

other than that, not much else has been going on.  we got a pretty good snow storm thursday morning.  i didn't send madelyn to school on thursday because of it.   emma's cheer practice got cancelled thursday night because of it too.  now it's just cold.  the girls have been asking to play outside but, brrrrr

i'm still having quite a bit of pain from this kidney infection.  i got the results of the culture today and asked about the pain.  the chick told me to wait and take the 10 days of antibiotics before i worried about it.  awesome :/

one last thing i wanna bitch about.....m takes singulair.  she's taken it since before she had her adenoids out.  it helps her SO much and imo, she really needs it to prevent all the sickies.  we have to order maintenance drugs through the union hall if we want the insurance to cover it.  so, her rx for that comes from the hall.  we had to take her for a reassesment to make sure that the dr wanted to keep her on that and that doseage, blah, blah, blah.  so, i sent in the rx on December 31st.  TODAY....January 14th mind you, i get a thing in the mail saying i have to go pick it up at the post office.  so now, the poor kid has been without her medicine since 2 wks ago and we have to wait until tuesday to pick it up, all because i wasn't home to sign for it when the mail lady was here.  rawr.

that's it.  i suppose i should head to bed.  i didn't sleep much last night.  went to bed late and d got up early so....i'm kinda tired.

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