Monday, January 23, 2012

*wiping the dust off the keyboard*

so, i ran into a bit of bad luck.  said kidney infection made me a little more sick than anticipated and well, i wasn't in the best of, i just sort of hibernated.  i feel mostly better now.  still have a pain in my side, but i go to the dr on wednesday, so we'll see.  i did go to immediate care one night and they ruled out the 'big' things (appendix, kidney, pancreas, blah, blah, blah...did an xray, nothing showed up) so, i just have been dealing with it instead of dwelling on it.

it has quickly become 'that' time of the year.  the blahs are setting in, i hate my husband, the kids are passing sickies back and forth, i'm a pleasant person all around :)

the past couple days i have been very irritable.  for no specific reason, just irritable.  could be pms, could be the weather, i'm just not sure.  little things annoy me.  people i should be nice to, i just can't be nice to, so, again, i hibernate.

darik is at that point in the hunting season where i hate him.  i keep telling myself, only 2 more weeks (not even that) and then i'll have my husband back, but i seriously don't know if i'll make it this year.  every year about this time, he becomes a selfish prick.  he doesn't come home after they're done, he stays out there to drink with the guys, i ask him to do something and he just flakes on it, he comes home to eat (sometimes) and sleep and that's about it.  then, he'll call me and wonder why i don't want to talk to him.  prime example (so you know, i can justify not being a complete psycho wife), madelyn is sick.  every time she gets sick, she gets goopy eyes.  not pink eye, but her eyes leak and she gets gunk.  i have pink eye drops but hate to use them bc she doesn't technically have pink eye.  so, i text him yesterday, he was working at the hunt club, about 2 pm to ask if he could stop and get some visine since i thought we had some and didn't pick any up.  he says, 'sure.'  he came home about 430 to go to the bathroom and i asked if he had the eye drops.  he said no because he hadn't been to the club yet.  he was going to drop off his stuff and he'd bring them home.  he wasn't going to stay out there because there was no one there, everyone had gone home.  so, we go about our business...i finally call him about 645.  yes.  645.  i ask if he'll be home soon.  he says, 'let me talk to the girls and i'll tell them good night.'  i say, 'well, they're not going to bed yet but i was wondering about the eye drops for your daughter.'  he then says, 'oh shit.  that's right.  do you want me to go get them?'  no.  i'll deal with it and i'll get them in the morning.  fast forward about 1/2 an hr later when they DO go to bed.  i have them say good night, then i hang up.  he immediately texts me...'what?  you don't wanna talk to me?'  i told him i was taking the dog out.  he says back, 'you should love me.'  o_0  i say, 'i was taking the dog out so i could put your children to bed.'  end of discussion.  he got home about 11.  i mean, am i overreacting?  no?  i didn't think so either.  i'm still angry about it today.  he called me this am, just to talk and he says 'boy, you seem like you don't want to talk this morning.'  really?  you think?


well, i'm off to take m to the dr's.  hopefully it's just a cold and no big deal.  it's her first 'real' sickness of the winter so i can't really complain.

until next time...

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