Wednesday, January 11, 2012

i want my mommy.

so, yesterday about 1 pm, i started peeing.  i peed until about 10 am this morning when i took a major dose of antibiotics.  i have never had a bladder infection, ever.  no clue what one would feel like, no idea what i should look for, but something was definitely wrong.  as the day went on, i was peeing more, it started to hurt on my lower right side, then it sorta leaked over into my back.  i'd lay down, and have to get up 10 or 15 min later.  literally.  i had made an appt with a dr, but couldn't get in until thursday.  at the time, thursday was ok, i wasn't in a lot of pain, the peeing wasn't super annoying but just irritating, and i figured i'd be ok.  well, when i talked to darik about it, he told me not to wait and go to immediate care, i told him i would, and as the night went on, i was glad i did.  sooo, i went to immediate care after a very long night.  i have a bladder infection, with the possibility that it's in my kidneys.  they sent off for a culture and i'll know for sure by saturday.  they put me on some uber antibiotics and i picked up some cranberry pills, some cranberry juice, and a bunch of other stuff to ease the pain/discomfort and i'm hoping tonight is a little better.  i do feel better and i'm definitely not going to the bathroom as much (thank you baby jesus) so hopefully even if it is/was in my kidneys, the antibiotic will clear it up.

other than moaning and crying and complaining, i haven't been doing a whole lot.

the next couple days are going to be a whirlwind i think.  tomorrow i have to watch lily, then after school i have the 3 bigger kids, emma has cheerleading practice and of course darik won't be home until sunday.  we're supposed to have a bunch of snow, but only time will tell i guess.  the girls are SUPER excited about getting some snow finally though.  i digress....friday, i have to watch 2 of the little boys who are in m's class as well as lily, then i'll have josh after school, emma's game is also friday night too.  guess that's what i get for being a hermit and lazy all week :)

anywho, i'm off to watch the people's choice awards.  hopefully i'm back tomorrow...well rested :)

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