Thursday, August 18, 2011


man.  where has this week gone???  monday and tuesday we spent the days cleaning and what not in preparation for emma to go back to school on wednesday.  not a lot went on, but it was stuff we needed to get done.

wednesday was the big first day of school.  granted it was only 1/2 a day, but emma was SO excited.

of course, miss madelyn couldn't be upstaged. *eyeroll*

today i watched Jack for a few hours as a test run.  he's not going to be a problem i don't think.  he's definitely a boy, but he's used to being with girls so i think that will give him a little bit of an edge here.  he's a good kid and he definitely kept me on my toes today.  i won't start watching lily until the week before labor day so...about 2 more weeks.

i am just SO mad about this next topic, i could spit nails.  i'm sure of it.  madelyn tested for the preschool that emma went to back in april.  april 9th to be exact.  they told me she didn't need any further supplemental help (such as REACH or what not) but that they would contact me in about a month to let me know if she would be placed in the preschool.  flash forward to june.  i get a letter in the mail stating that she is on the waiting list, but that i will be contacted some time before school starts.  well, i enrolled her in a preschool here that's 2 days a week for 3 hrs and i have to pay for.  she needs something.  i figured, even if she got into the school emma had gone to (which is free...and 5 days a week) i would suck up the $75 deposit because well, it'd totally be worth it.  emma got SO much out of the school.  so, i got a message from my friend yesterday asking if madelyn was in the am or pm class.  ummm....she didn't get in?  i explained to her about the note, and she talked to the teacher that emma had had.  today mrs best called me and asked me what the deal was.  i explained to her (lol how many times will i have to tell the story?) about the waiting list and she tells me that all i need to do is produce the wait list letter and fax it to them and she's in.  well, of course i can't find the letter.  i'm assuming i tossed it because why would i need a letter telling me i was going to get another letter to tell me if she was picked up or not.  SO, flash forward to tonight.  my friend took her little boy to orientation for the preschool tonight and she explains the whole story to the teacher that her son has (the other teacher, not the one emma had).  apparently she thinks there was a lost waiting list.  they have SIXTEEN spots available in coal city alone.  SIXTEEN.  why haven't i been contacted about my daughter yet?  they're retesting kids and my kid is still not getting picked up?   sure, it was irresponsible of me to lose the letter, but shouldn't that be on YOUR files?  i have PT at 9 tomorrow and if i haven't heard anything by the time i get out i will be making phone calls and making sure that she has a spot.  this is ridiculous.



DawnMarch said...

I would be really aggravated too! Why should you have to produce an old letter? If they know you're on the list and they have spots, the solution seems pretty obvious. Hope it works out!

Anonymous said...

Good luck - I hope you can get it all worked out for her!

Chloé said...

What a mess indeed, I can understand your frustration! Hope things will work out!