Tuesday, January 3, 2012

new year, new blog?

now, i know this is doubtful...but....i'd like to keep up with blogging again.  i think.  i mean, i'm sure people get sick of hearing me spew my nonsense on facebook and well, i need someplace to just talk.  so, why not start up ye blog again.  it's here, may as well use it ;)

things around here are quite different than they were last year.  darik is still working for the same company *thank god* but i am not working.  well, i'm not working outside of the home anyway.  i've started babysitting.  odd job choice for me, but in all actuality, i really do like it.  i like that i can stay in my pajamas all day, snuggling up with the kiddos, yet, i can still go to the school activities i want to go to for my OWN children.  right now, i only have 1 full time kiddo and then i have 3 after school ones.  i'd really like to get another full time child but, we'll see.

emma is loving school...as is madelyn.  in that respect, i couldn't be happier.

big news around here....we leave in 42 days to go to cozumel!  wooohooooo!  darik got it in his head around christmas time that he wanted to get away.  so....we all know, when he gets something in his head, it always happens.

other than that, really, same ol' same ol'

i'm sure i'll be back with entertainment again soon

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