Sunday, August 14, 2011

sunday....a day of rest?

we started off the day on a shaky foot this am.  darik went to an auction that homer did last night so he wasn't home until about midnight.  therefore, i didn't go to bed until midnight....because belle was pacing the house because darik wasn't home (which that statement in itself is funny since she could care less any other time).  of course madelyn was up at 5 am.  so, i made her sit in the chair and watch cartoons so i could snooze on the couch for at least another hour.  she was awfully snarfly when she woke up, but i didn't pay much attention to it because i had shut the air off, the windows were open and well, darik was in the same situation.  

we went to ryan's bday party at noon....which was bound to be an interesting situation.  it actually went fairly smoothly.  any fighting that occured was under breath and not where anyone could see.  i would be lying though if i said that i wasn't glad that that was going to be the last joint party.  poor nattie was in the same boat that madelyn was in and the poor baby was all snotty and allergy like.  she fell asleep on my lap about 15 min after we got there and stayed there until we left about 2.  makes me miss when my kidlets wanted to nap on me....not enough to HAVE another, but it does make me miss it.

we all came home and napped and then we decided to go outside and enjoy this beautiful weather we're having.  it was about 76 today and there was a breeze...was just gorgeous!

unfortunately, when m woke up from her nap, she was NOT feeling well.  she said she had a 'fwog in huh fwoat' and she was all 'booguhwee.'  we went out and got her some meds and she was running a little fever when i put her to bed.  hopefully she'll wake up feeling a little better.  i hate when she gets ill because it's never just a cold.  it's always 'something'

oh well.  school starts wednesday and i picked up another  kiddo to watch on tuesdays and thursdays so, hopefully we'll be in a good routine soon enough!

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Heather Greenwood said...

aww... I hope she feels better in the morning.