Wednesday, September 15, 2010

we're adults, yes?

if you know me, i'm a pretty straight forward person.  i always have been.  reason being, i'm not a good liar.  i get nervous, i tense up, my eyebrows shake, it's pretty much instantly that you can tell i'm lying.  anyway, i have a point....
i vow from this point forward, to be totally honest with people.  yes, i may sugar coat stuff because i'm not totally heartless but i honestly do not want to have to walk on eggshells anymore.  if something's bothering me, i'm gonna say it.  if you can't handle it, i'm sorry.  i hate feeling bad because i said 'the wrong thing,' or having a knot in the pit of my stomach because i'm worried how so and so is going to feel.  i hate when people get their feelings hurt because of a miscomunication, i hate having to worry about lines getting crossed.  i'm a FABULOUS friend damnit, and i refuse to let people walk on me because of it.

ahhhhhhh...i realize this is a little heavy for this time of the morning, but i needed to get it out there.  if it's written down, i'm accountable for it.  if i hurt your feelings, i apologize.  if i seem a little harsh, again, i apologize.  i am just totally, totally fed up with carrying around guilt for something i have no control over.

*disclaimer:  this is not directed to anyone in particular...just a blanket comment.  promise*

i have to work today so will be all but missing from digiworld today.  Emma's open house is tonight so we'll be there from 6-7.

until next time...

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