Tuesday, September 14, 2010

rawr...grrr....the mean laura monster's gonna getcha...

ok...well...not really.  LOL i like to think like that but, no. i realize i'm not the most scary person in the world.

today has been a busy day in lauraland.  as i was leaving to go take emma to the bus stop this morning, i thought i'd better double check my therapy schedule, just in case.  glad i did.  my appointment was at 8, not 9, like i had originally thought.  thank god i took a shower this morning before the girls got up LOL  so, madelyn and i headed off to therapy after we dropped emma off at the bus stop.  i swear, madelyn LOVES to go with me to therapy.  they just eat her up there.  give her suckers, stickers, play ball with her, let her play hopscotch...what's not to love!   they're never on time there so i'm glad that i get scheduled in the morning when i don't have anywhere i *have* to be.  it is helping though.  i can put my arm straight up again and i can turn my neck right almost the whole way.  we're still working on the motion across my chest but it is definitely much better.

after therapy we ran to the store.  tomorrow night is emma's open house for school.  my friend michelle is one of the heads of the parent/teacher group at school so she asked me if i could make some cookies for that tomorrow night.    now, if you know me, you know, i'm no baker.  they're edible, but that not delicious by any means.  i'm guessing they'll ask me to help out in other ways.

came home for the store and sat down at the computer.  We're starting Battle of the Creative Teams again at the beginning of October so I really need to get on the ball with that.  It was a total blast last year and I'm hoping we have a great turnout like we did last year.  A bunch of people getting together to win some great prizes all while doing the one thing we love...what's not to love about that?!

I finished a layout for a scraplift challenge that will be going up on Zoe's blog....got together the birthday celebration plans for Kristin's birthday week (and omgosh, you'll LOVE the presents she's giving!)...oh and got miss crazy thang down for her nap LOL  love nap time.

i've been working on a little sumpin, sumpin behind the scenes too that i'm hoping i'll get to reveal soonish.  i'm super excited about it and well...it's just me.  all me....

we don't have much planned for the rest of the day.  i'll have to go walk down and get emma in about 20 minutes.  i'm sure the girls will want to play outside so i'll read my book on the deck.  darik's mom is coming to see them tonight so she'll be here about 6 i'm guessing.  then, i'm off to my first PTG meeting at 7 PM.  i'm kinda nervous...i don't do crowds well.  especially crowds of people i don't really know.  emily is supposed to go with me so hopefully that will pan out, i don't know that i'd want to go by myself.  then...i'm guessing it'll be home to bed for me.

i work all day tomorrow so i'll be playing catch up on thursday...joy!

until next time...

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Faye said...

How did your PTG thing go? I'm glad the PT is helping, hopefully you'll get full ROM back soon, and pain-free! I'm excessively curious about your little project, too... :D