Thursday, September 16, 2010

does it ever stop?

the past few weeks have been an absolute roller coaster.  emotions have been high (and low).  i've been crazy busy.  i've had to deal with so much shit lately that i don't know if i'm coming or going...and well, i need to slow down.  i realize that.  if i don't get some 'me' time in a day, i don't function.  at all.

yesterday i worked.  i worked from 815-530 and then i had emma's open house from 6-7.  i had to help clean up afterwards since i couldn't get there early, which was SO not a problem, i just didn't get home until almost 8 PM and well, i don't do well with a messy house and when things aren't in order.  so today, was my catch up day.  i had physical therapy this am, then when and got groceries.  i did 3 loads of laundry...and even folded them!  washed dishes 3 times.  it was just a busy day.  i got caught up on all my online stuffs and even scrapped. i really need to start brainstorming for Battle of the CT's but the fact that it's a couple weeks away yet...i keep putting it off.  I KNOW this is going to bite me in the ass in a week but i get that crazy overwhelmed feeling and don't do anything.  I don't have therapy tomorrow so i'm thinking i may work on it then.  we've had a ton of entries so far and i'm super excited.  i'm hoping to have some really fun challenges this time around.

sooo, we found out today that my car is NOT going to be done by the end of the week.  iCry.  i got a call from Enterprise yesterday while i was at work saying that that was the last day that State Farm was going to be paying for my rental car.  again, iCry.  i called the lawyer because well, they told me that we couldn't contact the insurance because they would do that for us.  soooo, since i spent most of my lunch break on the phone with the lawyer's office, i didn't get the chance to call the insurance company.  fast foward to today.  i had to call the insurance company to see if they would give me an extension on the rental since my car is STILL not done.  they said no way.  they told me i'd have to contact enterprise and explain the situation to them, see if they'd allow me to send it to the dude's insurance...blah, blah, blah.  almost immediately after i hang up with the insurance, the auto body shop calls me.  he says he knows that yesterday was the final day that my insurance would pay for a rental car but my car wouldn't be done until probably the middle of next week.  PROBABLY?  NEXT WEEK?  seriously.  could this get any more complicated?  he then proceeds to tell me that they will pick up the tab for the rental car.  well, thank you!  you know, since it's your fault that i'm driving the rental car for so long!  so, i had to cancel my play date with laura for today because #1, i'm still driving the POS rental car  #2 I had to deal with all this insurance/rental car/auto body shop crap, and #3 i have all the misc bills that are coming in to send to the insurance.  rawr.  seriously.  just want my life back now.

buuut, the night ended on a good note.  my friend lynae and her kiddos came down for dinner AND emily stopped by with her kiddos.  it was just like old times and i really, really loved it.  lynae hadn't been down for gosh, months so it was great to get to hang out with her and see how the kiddos have changed in the past couple months.

anyway, i've chatted enough tonight.  tomorrow i am doing absolutely NOTHING.  it is friday after all :p

until next time...


Lindsay said...

Just happened to randomly catch your blog post. I am so sorry you are dealing with this. :( I totally understand. Before I became a full time mom, I worked for Enterprise, the "insurance" department. I am quite familiar with your situation and it sucks. :( Sounds like you are working with your insurance company and lawyer and then they are going to go after the other guy when it is all said an done. Those are always the worst situations because of the hold ups in authorizations in repairs, etc. It is a back and forth PITA and all the while it eats up your rental policy. You'd better make sure all is squared away with the bodyshop paying. I saw one to many bodyshops say they were going to pick up the bill, when really, they were just saying that thinking thing will work out with the insurance company. The best situation would be to get things moved off of your insurance to the other party's. But, not sure where things stand. Done rambling.

Heather Greenwood said...

HUGE ((((HUGS))) hon! This is so unfair that you have to do so much work when all you were doing was sitting at a stop light. RAWR!

Kara said...

Bummmer Laura! Sorry things are such a mess for you. I hope things get to getting better and back to normal (((hugs))

Faye said...

*giant hugs* I am so sorry, hon, I wish I had an Easy Button! It makes me so mad on your behalf that you were the 'victim' of the accident and yet you are the one getting crapped on with all of this! You're doing great hanging in, though, I'm proud of how well you're handling it, I'm fairly certain I'd be a non-functional blubbering mess 80% of the time! Oh, and what about a Scrap Mash challenge for one of the BotCT things? I did my first this week, I'd never heard of it, and it sure was fun! :D