Saturday, September 11, 2010

the weekend is here....

...and honestly...that means nothing to me LOL

Darik got called off this morning, came back home, and then they called him back out again.  SO, i decided since none of my pants fit (which is weird because i haven't gained any weight), we were going to go to kohl's and target for a lil' retail therapy.  i picked up 2 pairs of pants for myself, a really cute sweater/tunic, a top, a pair of shoes, 3 tops for Madelyn, an eeyore she HAD to have, and a coloring book for emma...all for $140!  i love when i get good deals like that.  i hate to spend money on clothes (holy change of person batman) for myself so when i get a deal, it makes me happy.  i also got my first pumpkin spice latte of the season, so that made the whole trip worth it.

we have no big plans this weekend.  my friend laura is having a cook out tomorrow afternoon so we may stop by there, but i think the plan is to just be lazy bums.  this is a-ok with me.  between therapy and working the days i don't have therapy, i think we're entitled to that.  emma's still having a bit of a time adjusting to not taking a rest/nap during the afternoon through the week so it's kind of nice to just be sitting here doing nothing today.

so, like i said, today is Saturday.  Which means, SSD had their new releases today (plus Lita Bita Velveeta)...which means, i posted a shit ton of new layouts to my gallery today.  wanna see?  well...even if you don't, i'm gonna show them anyway because ALL of my designers rocked it this weekend.

first up is La.  if you know me, you know i've stalked her forEVER.  well, i finally managed to wrangle a guest gig out of her for this month LOL  she has a super, cute, doodly fun kit out this week.  Mr. Cool

Fee always amazes me.  She's one of my 'oldest' teams at SSD and she couldn't pry me away.  Life is Good is just that....GOOD!

next up...Miss Zoe Pearn.  i wanted to make sure i knocked the socks off this layout because i didn't want people to ask, "jeeez.  why'd they pick HER?'   Here's my layout with School Days. favorite pair EVER.  Meg and Kristin paired up for this beauty...A Wonderful World

i was so stoked for this kit.  Penny did girly!  True Beauty

Lita Bita's kit...well, it just plain ol rocks.  i can see me getting at least another page outta this one.  perfect for my moodiness!  Bad Attitude

Last but not least...Traci teamed up with MandaBean for this totally adorable Conversations With Kids. I've been wanting to do a layout with all my little quotes from Madelyn FOREVER and this was the perfect kit for it.  I've done a few layouts of Emma like this, but never Mads.  So here's 2 with that one.

aaand with that, i'll leave ya be.  i'm gonna sit around and be lazy for the rest of the afternoon :)

until next time...


Anonymous said...

Dude. I didn't know you had a blog either! Love your layouts. I'm rather jealous of you and all your fab CTs, especially Miss La_G Da. Go, you! :D

Meghan said...

Hah..I think the only reason I knew she had a blog was b/c she asked to use my stuff on it :0x I forgot though it's been SO FREAKING LONG since you blogged!

Jackie said...

Pfft, about being on Zoe's team. You rock!

Lita said...

Yay - she blogs again! Lov ereading your doings missy, and as always, love your work <3