Sunday, September 12, 2010

Sunny Sunday

ahhhhh.  today has been such a good day so far.  it's an absolutely gorgeous day.  About 75 degrees, sunny and breezy.  perfection.  the girls woke up about 630 so i started washing sheets (my sunday usual).  cleaned the kitchen and living room, hung the sheets on the line, and then the girls and i went on a bike ride.  darik is in full on hunting mode already so he was off screwing around with his decoy trailer.  i bought  this from a friend for $75 earlier in the week last week and OMG, best $75 i've ever spent.  Madelyn absolutely loves it, it gives me an excuse to exercise, and well, emma could use the exercise as well.  we came home from our bike ride (girls still in their pj's LOL) and the girls played in the yard for about 2 hrs.  I sat on the deck, drinking coffee and reading my book (Two for the Dough).  seriously.  best morning in a LONG time.

this afternoon we'll be heading to my friend Laura's for a cookout.  I don't think we'll stay long, but her little boy is emma's age and they like to hang Madelyn sorta has a crush on him and it makes me giggle.

yesterday was the first saturday in, gosh, i don't even know how long that i didn't buy a thing at ssd.  it was like, a piece of me was missing LOL  i get sweet rewards tomorrow so i'm saving for then.  I did however go hit up Jenn Barrette's store since she's retiring some stuff.  I haven't scrapped since Saturday AM...that's like...unheard of.  We've just been sitting around enjoying each other.  it's such a rarity that i like to revel in it when it does happen.

maybe i'll be back tonight with more to say, but for now, i'm going to sit here, enjoy the quiet that is naptime, and do nothing! :)

until next time...

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Faye said...

It makes my heart happy to see you have such wonderful days, mama! And that series of books is one of my ALL-TIME favorites!! They make me laugh til I cry! :D