Wednesday, September 30, 2009

What a Day, what a day!

Oye. It feels good to sit down.

Our day started early for us today. I had my appointment at 8:30 so that meant we had to leave the house about 7:45 in order to get there on time. Lord knows I can't be late. I had to wake Madelyn up and that never goes well for any of us. Let's just say, I caved a little on my binkie detox. All my lab work came back excellent and I'm officially down 114.5 lbs since my surgery date. Dr Joyce said I could possibly lose about 10-15 more lbs, but I'm honestly more than happy with where I am now. I'm going to bring up at my one year appointment about loose skin. It's gross. Especially on my stomach and thighs.

Next we went to Wal-Mart for groceries and whatnot. Let me give the "prestory" to this one. *eyeroll*

Last night when I was getting ready to give the girls their baths, Madelyn was standing next to Darik pointing at her hand and her arm and saying "owie, owie." Neither one of us thought anything of it, she's big into labeling things lately so we just sort of assumed that she was doing it for attention. Start giving them their baths and notice that Madelyn is itching her arm and still saying "owie, owie." Look down and lo and behold, she's got a rash on her forearm and the palm of her hand (only her right). I immediately check her feet and inside her mouth because it looks a lot like hand/foot/mouth. Nothing. So, I have Darik take a look at it. He's got sensitive skin like she does so he knows more about rashes. I seriously have had maybe 2 rashes my whole life and one of them was because of chicken pox. He looks at it and really can't make heads or tails of it. He tells me to take her to the doctor in the AM because it's almost pussy looking. SOOO, I get her up this morning and it's still there and it's even on her left arm a little bit now. The left arm is nowhere near what the right arm is but it's there nonetheless. We go to my dr's appt and on the way out, I schedule one for her. It's at 11:20 so that gives me enough time to run and get groceries, get her to the dr. and still get Emma home in time for school.

*end of prestory*

Groceries were pretty uneventful. I forgot some of the stuff I like to have to snack on but that's always something I can go get tomorrow or Friday.

Fast forward to Madelyn's dr's appt. We see Dr. Paul...who was originally Madelyn's pediatrician. He walks in and says, "Long time no see!" Puke. I like his dad so much better so that's who we've been seeing since Madelyn was about 6 months old. His parenting style and his medicinal methods are more like mine and I was more comfortable taking Madelyn to him. Deal with it. He checks her out and determines it's an allergic reaction to something. I have NO idea what she could have gotten into. We weren't anywhere new and she hasn't eaten anything new. He said that if it clears up with the lotion and the medicine, we won't test her to see what it is because 95% of the time it just winds up being some fluke thing that they get into. Fine, I can deal with that. I just don't want her to be itchy anymore. Get done, go up to the chick to check out and they don't have her chart. Seriously? I should know better than to schedule things so close together. It's getting to be about the time where I need to leave to have Emma home for school. Winds up they switched Madelyn's chart with another kids. No big deal for me, I got a diagnosis and medicine for her, it's just now her info is in this other kids chart. Oye. They were freaking out about it behind the desk and I just wanted to leave because #1 I had to get Emma home and #2 Madelyn was not enjoying the fact that I was holding her this whole time.

So, yah, Emma got to school on time, we got Madelyn's meds and now I'm resting for a few more minutes until Emma gets home and Madelyn wakes up. I still don't feel like I've rested at all but whatever. Such is life! I guarantee we'll be doing NOTHING tomorrow! :D

Until next time...

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