Sunday, May 31, 2009

Weekend recap

I am SO glad that stupid garage sale is over! We did pretty decent but I still have an assload of clothes left. Emily is having a garage sale this coming weekend since it's our town's all-town garage sales so we're just going to merge them together. I think we'll do a lot better if we have a "multi-family" garage sale with both boys and girls stuff so I'm hoping we do well. I was soooooo angry with my sister. Not only did she bring all 5 of her kids (and not watch any of them), but she brought ALL of the stuff I'd given her for Maia, and was trying to sell it on her own! Seriously? Someone gives you handouts and you try to sell it, in front of the person's own face? Whatever! She then had the nerve to say, "Well, I guess I'll just take it to Once Upon A Child" and get store credit." My ass you will! I scooped it all up and took it with me. Seriously, seriously pissed me off.

Speaking of Emily...she had her baby last night!!! That's the end of my best friends having their babies. She had little Miss Natalie Grace at 5:39 PM last night. She weighed in at 7 lbs 11 oz (a peanut for them!), was 19 1/2 inches long and I guess she has TONS of curly, blond hair! I can't wait to see her today!!! Labor this time was a lot easier than with Ryan. She went in to get induced at 7:30 yesterday so she really wasn't in that long to go from nothing to having her here. She said she only had to push for 10 minutes too! Can't wait!!

Last night we went to Joliet for dinner. Went to Cracker about a disaster. Ugh. My mom helped me a lot with Madelyn yesterday and while she was in the house, they went through all the diapers in her bag, and I didn't know that. Well, of course while we're on the way to Cracker Barrel, Madelyn poops. I go to change her and she has no diapers. Nice. I told Darik I'd go get more diapers but he insisted he could do it. Of course neither gas station had any, and he had to run to Wal-Mart. He didn't get back until our food had been there for awhile and so of course he was acting all crappy. We were supposed to go get his Fathers Day present last night (a new grill) and he acted like we were going to go home when we got done with dinner (finally). We went to Helzberg to see about getting my ring resized and of course they were getting ready to clothes. He made some snarky comment about me coming up "just like I came up to get it appraised," and then took me to Old Navy to try on some shorts. I bought a size you know how huge that is????? I got a pair of khaki shorts and pair of jean capri's. I didn't try them on bc I had the girls with me but they totally fit...and were almost too big! I'm going to take them back though because I just don't like the fit. THEN he went to Home Depot to get his grill. We didn't get home until well after 8:30, which is about an hour past the girls bedtime. They did SO good though. Emma didn't meltdown until she was in the shower, almost to bed, and Madelyn didn't melt once!

I know today we're going to see Miss Natalie but I don't know for sure what else the day has in store. It's supposed to be a gorgeous day so I'm sure we'll have to try out D's new grill.

ooh, oooh, watch Monday for a fabulouso new designer that's going to be out there in digiland. I'm so totally honored to be on her creative team and I know you'll love her stuffs. I'll keep you posted!!

Guess that's all for now. Summer has officially started in the Wilson household so you may see a lot more "I've lost my mind," posts from me now that Emma's out of school!

Until next time...

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