Wednesday, June 3, 2009

My so called life...

Oye. We've done a whole lotta nothing this week. Madelyn is now totally walking and only crawls when she has a long way to I'm exhausted to say the least!

Monday was a busy day for us. We went up to Joliet so I could get my ring resized (yaya! Went down all the way from an 8 to a 6 1/2!), bring back some stuff to Old Navy, get some summer clothes for Emma, and some shorts for myself. While we were up there we met up with Keli! So fun! I love hanging out with her and wish we could do it more often.

We did a whole lotta nothing yesterday and today. I did clean out the "junk" closet upstairs and got all the toys together for the garage sale on Friday and Saturday. I even went through the toys down here since madelyn doesn't really play with a whole lot of "baby" toys anymore. Emily's going to regret telling me that I could add my stuff in with hers!

I'm getting SUPER excited to see Shawnna next weekend. It's crazy to think that in the 10 years she's lived down there, I've never been there to see her. I'm kind of scared about the car ride down there, but hey, the girls will survive.

I've been diving right into all the digital scrapbooking stuff lately. This month I'm guesting for Eva Kipler at SSD, Darcy added me as a full time CT member *THANK YOU DARCY*, and Jennifer went live at FPD. It's been a busy month so far but I'm absolutely loving it! I am doing Battle of the CT's at Digiscrap Addicts for Amy's team...and I'm SOOO excited about it. The scrappers on the CT for her are absolutely out of this world and the stuff that woman pumps out is absolutely freaking amazing, so I know it'll be tons of fun.

OHOH, I almost forgot! I got my new phone yesterday and I am absolutely in LOVE. It's a Spring Instinct (Sprint's iPhone basically). If you know me, you know what a music/internet freak I I'm always connected! ;)

Anywho, just a lil' update from me. Until next time...

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