Thursday, May 28, 2009

5/28 FOBTY

This is gonna be a twofer...I am so bad about blogging in the summer since we aren't home near as much SO, it's gonna be a little update as well as the Sweet Shoppe's From Our Blog To Yours challenge for the 28th...cuz I'm crafty like that ;)

Today we had Madelyn's post op check up for her ears and all looks well! YAY! She's still not totally walking but she's doing lots more and she stands up almost all the time now. Gotta love the change in her equillibrium. I'm picking up Emma from school today because she's getting her hair cut and then we're going to my mom's to set up for the garage sale I'm having tomorrow and Saturday. It was kind of spur of the moment but our town's garage sales are next weekend and I wanted to try to get one in at my mom's (I'm assuming I'll sell more stuff by her house) before Gardner's. I want to get one in because I'm hoping that'll be my spending money for when we go to Branson.

Yup. My mom and I are taking the girls to Branson! SOOOO excited, but sooooo scared at the same time. Darik can't go because of work so we're going to take a trip down to stay with Shawnna (my bff) on Friday night and then Saturday night we're going to stay in Branson. Shawnna's lived down there for almost 10 years and I've never gone down to visit her. It's sad! I have to meet Jared (her boyfriend) and make sure I approve ;) We're leaving on the 12th (or late in the night on the 11th) and we'll drive back home on Sunday. Mom's got summer school so she has to be home to teach on Monday. Kind of sucks it'll just be for the weekend but I'm super stoked to spend some time with Shawnna and the kids.

This summer is going to be pretty busy I'm guessing. We're going to sign Emma up for swimming lessons. Those start July 5th (I think it's the 5th...the week after 4th of July anywhoo) and last 2 weeks. I got roped into taking Levi too since Matt finally went back to work. I refuse to keep him all day though. I'll be taking him to daycare once they're done with swimming lessons. No way my kids are going to suffer from not taking a nap. I love the kid but my kids need their naps still.

I told Emma she could sign up for one thing this year. She chose dance over soccer so I have to look into that for her. I'm kind of glad she chose dance because, well, she's just not a soccer kinda gal I don't think. I'll let her try it next year if she wants, but this year she's still kinda young in my opinion.

Speaking of Emma, poor baby's sick. Nothing major but she's got some "harshness" in her lungs and fluid on her ear. I've been giving her breathing treatments 2 times a day because she coughs so hard she throws up. :( It was so funny though...well, Emma didn't think so, but I did. She was throwing up yesterday morning and Madelyn comes flying in the bathroom, stands next to her and pretends like she's throwing up. Sound effects and all! SOOo funny!

Other than our usual trips to the toddler water park, zoo, and beach, we don't have much planned for our summer. These girls are such outdoor babies we'll probably spend a lot of it outdoors.

Until next time...

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