Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Randomness and selfishness

Not much been going on here. Rain. That's about it. We went to the dollar store yesterday to look for a hoodie for Emma and of course, they didn't have any. Ran to the store, saw Beth, went to the bank to see the girls I used to work with...nothing too exciting. Today was a day of nothingness. Madelyn is getting at least 2 teeth and has been pretty miserable the past couple days. Typical teething baby girl...clingy, crabby, and running a low-grade fever. :(

It's supposed to be raining the rest of the week...blech. Mother Nature teased us with that gorgeous weather last week. The girls have been dying to go outside and well, with the temps being in the 50's and with it being so damp, that hasn't happened. Emily's bringing Ryan over tonight so that Emma and Ryan can play together. They're both going stir crazy.

So, this morning I was thinking about stuff, like always, and I realized...I started this blog to document my "journey" with gastric bypass and haven't really discussed that in a while. So, I'm gonna! I'm down 82 lbs now (at least...AF is here, could actually be more than that) and I seriously still don't feel like that. Clothes I wore in college are too big for me now! Darik teases me all the time that one day soon I'll weigh what it actually says on my drivers license. HA! I weighed 165 when I got my license at 16...I'm now at 178...SO close! It's so exciting but at the same time so surreal. I think I'll always see the fat girl in the mirror. Does that make sense? I had been so overweight for so long, I don't think I'll ever see myself "for real," for a long time. I'm still losing hair. Not as much as before (thank God) but it's still coming out. They told us it's normally between 3-6 months that this happens and I'm almost at 5 so, we'll see. What I did lose is starting to grow back so I have LOTS of little baby hairs. I almost look like Madelyn when I lift up my hair. I'm sporting lots of extra skin...along with tons of stretch marks that I never knew I had before! I've heard that a tummy tuck is SO painful and I don't know that I want to go through all that. I know insurance pays for it but, I really don't know if I can take another couple weeks like after I had surgery. It's so hard with the girls. If it were just me and Darik, I'd totally do it. No one is going to see me in a bikini or even a belly shirt so who cares if I have to wear Spanks or something. I'm back to eating pretty much whatever I want...just in much smaller portions. I'm still not eating complex carbs. No bread, no pasta, etc. I don't know that I'll ever add that back in actually. I get really worried about that stuff getting stuck or gumming up in my pouch and that really scares me. Getting sick is NO fun. I'm eating proteins, fruits, vegetables, and I've even started munching on the little protein bars you find at the store for snacks. It's nice to be able to eat "normal" stuff again. Granted, Madelyn eats more than I do but hey, I'm a much happier person and we can do so much more now. We've been playing outside every nice day...something I refused to do last year. Heck, Emma and I even played tag the other day! Darik and I planted flowers Sunday...the list is endless. SO much happier.

Saturday is National Scrapbooking Day and all my creative teams have been pumping out some awesome kits!! So's a little sneaky peek of what I've done with their stuffs

Sherrie Piegdon at PGD

Totally cute kit from Tami Miller, also at PGD

Got to work with TLP on May's BYOC...not saying why though ;)

So, this technically isn't for NSD but it's by Jennifer Fox at FPD for the Capture The Flag challenge. SUCH a cute kit...and totally free!

This is from the amazing new Amy Stoffel kit, on sale Saturday

more Amy numminess and a template from her as well

Yup. More Amy. Think I liked this kit?

Anywho...I'll call it an end, I'm really just rambling now! Until next time....


Whit said...

82 pounds?! Yay Laura! I'm proud of you love!!!

Faye said...

I really am over the moon for you! *hugs* And I LOVE your layouts!!!