Monday, April 27, 2009

Another fabulous weekend

I absolutely love this time of year. It's not too hot outside, Darik's not back to working crazy hours yet, the kids are SO glad to be outside, there's really not anything bad about this time of year.

We had another fabulous weekend here. It was in the 70's and even 80's all weekend long. Friday night we had our usual get together at our house. Nae came over with the kids, and so did Erik and Emily. Erik and Emily had Christopher this weekend so he came too. It was nice to have him around because the kids bothered us even less than normal! LOL We did the usual hamburgers and hot dogs and of course Bree and Madelyn ate almost the whole time everyone was here. I just love this little "tradition" that we've started. It's nice to just gather with friends and let the kids play. It's really a win-win situation for all of us. We get to sit and hang out with friends and the kids wind up being so tired at the end of the night from playing outside for a good 3 1/2 hours that they go right to bed!

Saturday morning we headed over to mom's house. Lisa dropped off Skylar and Maia so that she could go look for a new van. We made cookies with the girls and ate lunch and then I brought my girls home for a nap. When everyone got up (yes, Darik napped too) we decided to head to Joliet to get Emma some summer clothes. Madelyn had gotten a $50 gift card for Target for her bday and since she needs NO clothes at all, I decided to use it for Emma. Bad Mommy I know, 2nd kid always gets shafted but hey, times are tough everywhere. SO, we started off by going to Red Lobster for dinner. Let's just say...the biscuits were a hit with Madelyn. LOL I love that we can take her anywhere and not worry about how she's going to act or what she'll eat. When we went in to Red Lobster, it was 76 degrees. When we came out, it was 54! I felt soooo bad for the girls. Emma had on short sleeves and capri pants and poor Punk had on shorts and a tshirt. I covered Punk up in Emma's coat that was in the back of my car and we ran into Target. I got Emma 2 pairs of capri pants, 4 pairs of shorts, 6 shirts, and a pair of sandals and only spent $54! We ran into some really bad storms on the way home and of course both girls freaked. Emma refused to go to bed until it all stopped. So she was up that night until about 9. Punk. She could have cared less. Nothing bothers that girls sleep!

Yesterday was just a lazy sort of day. We cleaned house in the morning and then went to Darik's parents for his Grandma's birthday. She is 87 (I think) and she is just in such amazing shape. She walks everyday and is just a little spit fire, STILL. We came home about 1 and the girls laid down for a nap. Darik and I went and planted some perennials in the front of the house and I am SO excited to watch them grow. If you know me, you know I have a black thumb, at least where annuals are concerned. I'm hoping I have better luck with the perennials. It doesn't suck so much to bend over anymore so I'm hoping I'll take better care of them now. Darik decided to power wash the swing set yesterday so the girls didn't nap for very long. When they woke up we just played outside for the rest of the night.

I'm totally, totally stoked for all the fun scrap stuff coming up! This week, Amy Stoffel (who I totally love and am SO honored to create for) is having a really cool pre-NSD feature on her blog. You're going to get to know everyone on the CT, as well as Amy, and you'll get a little freebie every day. Here's the linkie for her blog. THEN, Brandy has a very special kit out this week :) She and I teamed up to make a really cute, bright, sassy and most of all FUN kit. Check out her blog to not only see the beauty and what the CT came up with but you can also learn more about lil' ol' me! :o)

Well, Punk just woke up so I'm off...until next time...

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