Friday, April 3, 2009

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April is Autism Awareness Month

Pixel Gypsy Designs has partnered with the National Autism Association to raise money for the Helping Hand program during Autism Awareness month. The Helping Hand program is a donation driven, financial aid program that provides grant money to families in need who have dependents with Autism to help pay for therapy, biomedical treatments and supplements.

When you donate to the Helping Hand program in the month of April, using this link:

Donate to Helping Hand

you will receive special gifts from Pixel Gypsy Designs created exclusively for this fundraising effort! Please see below for product previews and a description of this Donation Thank You Gift incentive.

A Note from Sherrie

Dear fellow digi-scrappers,

In 2004 my family's life was drastically changed when our son Nicholas, who'd just turned 3, was diagnosed as severly autistic. In the nearly 5 years that have passed since we received the diagnosis, I've done a lot of research and continually strive to better understand my little guy, who at age 7, is just starting to talk. I've also watched the diagnosis rate rise. In fact, more children will be diagnosed with autism this year than diabetes, cancer and AIDS combined.

I'd like to take a moment to explain why I admire the Helping Hand program and why it's both the autism-related charity that I personally want to raise funds for and the one that I recommend to others. Many people focus their attention and efforts on autism research. I wholeheartedly feel continued research into the cause of autism will improve the lives of diagnosed individuals and their families. However, I see time and time again how many families struggle with the financial burdens that accompany the treatment of autism. Most autism-related treatment and therapy is often only limitedly covered by health insurance, if it's covered at all. Many kids with autism have special dietary needs, vitamins and supplements are often needed to help compensate for rigidly selective eating patterns, diapers or training pants for kids who are having challenges toilet training (into grade school ages and beyond), weighted vests, trampolines, scooter boards, therapy balls...the list goes on and on. The costs involved in caring for a child with autism can be extremely high.

The Helping Hand program is working to bridge the gap for autism families. They provide one-time grants of up to $1500 to pay for things such as speech, occupationl or ABA therapy, vitamins and supplements and bio-med treatments. Every time they award a grant, they touch a life.

The PGD Designers have created a special mega collab kit called Uniquely You that is all about the beauty of diversity and being yourself. It involves a fun and warm color pallette that can be used for just about any occassion or age range. During the month of April, when you use the special link provided here to donate $10 directly to the Helping Hand program through the National Autism Association website, PGD will give you Uniquely You as our way of saying thank you for donating to this wonderful charity. Anyone who donates over $10 will also receive a gift certificate for the PGD store, matched dollar for dollar for the amount donated over $10. (Example: If a $50 donation is made you will receive the Uniquely You mega collab kit + a $40 PGD gift certificate.) I would like to reiterate that we are not selling these products and turning funds over to the NAA. You must make your donation to the Helping Hand program directly through the NAA. Please use the link at the top of this page or located beneath the product previews so I know to contact you about your gifts! The NAA will provide me with confirmation of your donation amount. Remember to save your receipt if you would like to deduct the donation on your 2009 tax return.

On behalf of the NAA, the Helping Hand program and myself and the rest of the PGD staff, thank you for your support and your donation!

Warmest Regards,

Donate to Helping Hand

Introducting the Uniquely You Mega Collab Kit
(Click images for enlarged previews)

Donate $10 and receive the Uniquely You Mega Collab Kit (email with instructions on how to claim your free kit will be sent within 24 hours).

Donate over $10 and receive the Uniquely You Mega Collab Kit PLUS a PGD Gift Certificate equal to the amount that you donated over $10 (example: donate $50 to helping hand and receive the mega collab plus a $40 gift certificate)!

Donate to Helping Hand

I must tell you guys....this kit is PHENOMENAL. There is so much yumminess inside you won't be able to contain yourself. Here's a layout I did with it. GORGEOUSNESS!

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