Sunday, April 5, 2009

My baby's 1!

Gosh. Where has the time gone? I seriously can not believe that Madelyn is 1 today. The past few months with her have just been a blur. She's really started talking, it's so cute, when Darik comes home she'll say, "Ha Dadda!" She says mama, "A-ma" (emma), baba, num-num (food),'s just crazy because Emma didn't really talk till she was closer to 2. Still no walking, but I'm not complaining about that one! She takes a few steps here and there but still knows that crawling is faster. She does try to walk with Breleigh and Aiyden so I'm sure it'll be soon. The biggest thing we've accomplished lately is Madelyn has been sleeping all night!!! It only took us the better part of a year but she's got it down now. She's been sleeping from about 7:30 or 8 at night and I have to wake her up at about 10 everyday. PLUS, she's taking about a 2 hour nap in the afternoon. Thank God for a little self soothing! Her party is today so be on the look out for TONS of pictures! ;)

Yesterday was a very full day. We went to mom's about 10:30 and we were there until about 3:30. We got everything made except for the oven browned potatoes and chili cheese dip, which couldn't really be made until this morning anyway. It was kind of nice having Lisa there because Madelyn played with Aiyden most of the time and stayed out of our hair! Lynn and her boyfriend Doug came to take the older kids to an Easter egg hunt. They were all kind of disappointed in the hunt but Emma was so glad she got to play with Sky, Kyle, and Cody. Lynn's boyfriend is SUPER nice. I'm so glad she's finally found someone who is worthy of her. They're in that gross phase know what I mean...constantly touching each other, kissing, sitting super close, always calling each other "hun" or "babe"...BLECH! It grosses me out when people are like that in general, but it's even worse when it's your sister!

Last night Darik decided to party it up with friends, he always picks the best times, so he's sleeping in the chair right now. *insert eye roll* I've made the chili dip already and now I'm waiting for Punk to get up so I can take a shower and go get some last minute things...and a coffee!

I can't believe it's storming out today. :( I hope it doesn't stop anyone from coming today. It's not supposed to snow until tonight, minor stuff but still, so I'm hoping everyone still comes.

Yesterday I was at the Dollar Store picking up some bowls and crackers and ran in to someone. Remember that friend I was talking about who went into rehab? Well, I ran into her sister and mom. Things are not going well. I think we all kind of expected this but were hoping for the best. I guess she's been calling her husband (well, she thinks of him as her husband still, he's so done with her) and sister telling them that she's going to kill herself and that she's leaving the place she's at. I guess she's not actually in rehab yet, she's just in detox. She has to check herself in at rehab and is telling them she doesn't want to. Her mom is just beside herself, which isn't a surprise. She told her sister that she has someone to pick her up already so no one needs to worry about her. Gah. Seriously? No one knows who her friends are, who she hangs out with, where she's getting the pills's just so sad. There's really no where for her to go but rock bottom at this point. I was informed yesterday that this is her 3rd time in detox. I had NO idea about that. I just pray that this will work for her and her family. She's having a very hard time admitting that she has an addictive personality and she is utterly ashamed about the whole situation. That's not something that's going to lend well to getting help. The whole thing literally makes me sick to my stomach. To think that someone who I've been friends with literally 90% of my life, has fallen into such a deep, dark hole, really makes me stop and look at my life.

Update on the whole Emma/Tyler situation...can't believe I forgot to post this Friday night. Mrs. Best called me Friday almost right after the bus picked up Emma for school. She started with, "What's up with these kids?" LOL It totally lightened up the situation, thank God. She said that she would talk to Tyler and depending on what he said, she may contact his mom as well. I said that I'd really like her to contact his mom anyway, just so she knew what was going on. Then Mrs. Best told me that she'd also mention to the bus driver that Tyler maybe shouldn't sit with anyone. There's only 10 kids on the bus so it's not like they're running out of seats. I kind of had a revelation yesterday about the whole situation. Emma comes and gets into bed with me/us when she wakes up in the morning. Well, yesterday morning, Darik was goofing around and tickling us and grabbing my leg and what not. We got up and Emma came into the bathroom with me and says, "Mommy, was Daddy smelling your underwear?" That almost makes me wonder if Tyler caught his parents having sex or something and that's what they told him. The kids are only 3 and 4 so it's not like they know what sex is yet, but, that almost would make sense. Oh well. I guess we'll have to wait and see what Monday brings. Tyler was sick on Friday.

I should probably eat some breakfast and get things all together for today. Until next time...


Faye said...

Happy Birthday, Mads!! xoxoxo

Whit said...

Happy Birthday to Mads! Hope yall have a great party! *MWAH*