Sunday, March 29, 2009

Snow?! Really?!

Ok, correct me if I'm wrong but isn't Wednesday April 1st? Well, this morning I get up around 7 AM, now mind you, I was just up at 4 AM and it was raining, and there's probably a good 2 inches of snow on the ground! HUH?! Isn't it supposed to be springtime? I am so over this winter weather crap. We were wearing short sleeves and no coats about a week ago and now this. PFFFFTTT on winter!

Lately I've been hanging out at a "new" (to me) digiscrap forum. One of the girls there posted this link...and oh. my. God. I literally sat and read almost every entry he'd posted. What an amazingly sad, touching, heart-wrenching, inspirational, and REAL blog. This man and everyone who has supported him in the past year are just amazing.

This morning I woke up....and cleaned the bathroom. LOL Don't ask me why. Madelyn was still sleeping, Emma was sitting in the living room with Darik watching "Aladdin," and I figured when would I have more of an opportunity. We're obviously not going anywhere today with the snow falling so I may as well clean. Next up is Emma's about a pig sty.

Emma goes back to school tomorrow and boy does she need it! The past few days she's just been so restless. She's gotten up every day asking me if she has school. AWWW!

Yesterday was a pretty boring day. I took the girls to my moms because well, they both needed out of the house. Then we came home, they took a nap, and I watched Twilight. I watched it 3 times yesterday! LOL I've decided that I really don't hate it...when I don't compare it to the book. It will never be the book and about the 2nd time I watched it yesterday I came to terms with that. Darik actually turned it on last night and really enjoyed it. He'd never touch the book so he had nothing to compare it to. He asked me when the next one came out and I told him November...and he goes, "REALLY? I have to wait that long?" Whoddathunk it!

Well, I suppose I should eat some breakfast and get to cleaning...

Until next time...

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listgirl said...

Thanks for linking me to that blog, it's very engrossing. What a tragedy.