Tuesday, March 31, 2009


It's Tuesday. Woopity doo! LOL

We had another rough night with Madelyn last night. She got up about 12:30 and finally went to bed about 4. That's fun when Darik gets up at 5 for work. She was back up again for the day at 6. I've just decided to not even complain about it anymore. That's what they make coffee for right? That being said...as much as I hated it, I just let Madelyn cry it out for her nap. Every time I get her to sleep and try to lay her down, she wakes up crying and wanting me to pick her back up. I did the whole 5-10-15 thing, and you know what, I'm at the end of the 15 minutes, and she's sleeping! I don't know if it's from sheer exhaustion or if the little shit just decided she really should take a nap or what, but hey, she did it. I'm just at my wits end. Done.

I made her 1 yr shot appointments today. That's the worst. I hate having to watch her get those shots done. She's just SO strong, and could totally get out of my arms if she tried. These are the days where being a mom are so hard. How can you love someone so much and still have to put them through such hardships? Maybe it's because Aunt Flo's in town but I am SUPER emotional about this whole one year thing coming up on Sunday. To the point where I have a hard time talking about it. Maybe it's because she's my last baby or maybe it is just hormones...but wow...I'm a wuss!

Today is the big day for Miss Emma. Darik got rained out this morning so he decided he wants her moved sooner than later. He is almost done with the 2nd coat of paint in her room (we so didn't want bright purple) and it's only 1:30! His brother is coming over about 3 this afternoon to help him swap out furniture. I just hope she does ok. It's a big room up there. She's super, super excited about moving up there but I know her, and she does not do well with change. Guess we'll have to wait and see tonight!

Well, not that Miss M is sleeping, I'm going to lay down too. Until next time....

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