Friday, March 27, 2009

Spring Break has come and gone...

Today is Emma's last "official" day of Spring Break, and you know, I haven't wanted to kill her! LOL I honestly thought that we'd have a rough time with her not being in school this week but she's actually been such a great help around the house. Poor baby has woke up every morning saying, "Mom, do I have school today?" I know that in a couple years I'll probably have to beg her to get up for school so I'm going to soak this in for as long as I can.

Yesterday we went to get Madelyn's 1 year pictures done and they turned out SOOOOOOO cute! She was happy the whole time and I um, spent a little more than I normally do. If you'd like to see them and I didn't send you the link just send me an email and I can hook ya up! ;)

I got myself some stuff at Bath and Body Works yesterday. It was the first time in probably 2 or 3 years that I'd actually bought something there. I got this WONDERFUL smelling lotion and body wash called Rain-kissed Leaves. It's just springy and so wonderful!

Can't tell I'm totally random today and had WAAAY too much coffee can ya? :o)

I was so glad I got to talk to Sheana today!!! We both are such wusses about calling each other so the only time we really get to talk is when we're on line at the same time, and um, that's pretty much never. It's nice to just get to talk about nothing...because it's really something.

Good Lord. Madelyn just figured out how to walk with her walking toy. I tell you, nothing but bad things will come from this!

Today has been pretty uneventful. The girls and I went grocery shopping this morning and that has to be one of my least favorite things to do. There are so many things I'd love to get and eat but alas...I can't. We stopped by Darik's cousins house to drop off some of Mad's pics. Now, they haven't even seen her. Yes, she's almost a year old. Yes, they only live 10 minutes away. BUT, I was being the bigger person and trying to be nice. Well, this is the same family that has the nurse where I had surgery. Obviously she couldn't tell them about me having surgery since that would be breaking all confidentiality. Point is, none of them know and I kind of wanted to keep it that way. My dumb ass...I swear. I went in to give Callie the pictures and she says, "oh you look so good..blah, blah, blah." I say, "yup, I've lost almost 70 lbs now." We continue talking. Move on to a totally different subject. Well, something comes up in the conversation about how food is an addiction. I had to fess up and tell her I had surgery in December. I seriously wanted a take back button at that point. That whole side of Darik's family will know now. In fact, they probably knew 5 minutes after I pulled out of her driveway. It's not that I'm embarrassed by it but some people just don't need to know. There's always this stigma about people who have gastric bypass surgery and I'd rather not deal with that at family gatherings. Can you see me hitting myself in the forehead saying, "stupid, stupid, stupid!?"

Not much else is new in this neck of the woods. Tacos for dinner tonight...I'm such a bad Catholic.

Until next time...

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