Tuesday, March 10, 2009

In a funk

I haven't blogged in forever, and I apologize to you faithful blog readers (the few and far between!), but I have been in this funk lately. I don't know if it's al the rain we've been getting or what but I am no fun! LOL

This weekend was such chaos. Darik decided he wanted to finally lay down the flooring in the entryway. We bought "pergo-esque" tile for the entryway so we didn't keep messing up the carpet there. Emma goes in and out for the school bus there and the carpet was getting trashed. Anyway, we had two birthday parties to go to on Sunday. I laid Emma down for a nap about 10ish, she hadn't slept most of the night because it stormed and she's afraid of storms, so it worked well. Of course, Miss Mads wouldn't nap because Darik was doing stuff. Both girls had a blast at the first party. It was my oldest friend's daughters birthday. She's in Emma's class at school and they've loved being in school together. She had the party at the gymnastics place that Kendadey takes classes. Even Madelyn really had fun watching all the kids jump on the trampolines and stuff. After that we went to my mom and dad's for about 1/2 an hour and then headed to my Aunt Linda's house for Sofia's 1st Birthday party. That really made it sink in that Madelyn is almost one. Sofia is a little less than a month older than Madelyn. It was fun to see all the family again but I was SO glad to get home. Needless to say, both girls fell asleep on the 15 minute ride home and the rest of the night...not so fun! They were both so tired and my kids and tired equals total meltdowns. Madelyn was in bed about 7:30 and Emma was asleep by 8. That is definitely unheard of in this house.

Yesterday we had Emma's check up with the eye doctor. He was VERY impressed with her progress. When we took her last time she had no depth perception at all. This time she got every one of them right. He said she still has some minor crossing when she looks over her glasses or around the bifocal so surgery is still a possibility. We have to take her back in June to see where she's at then. We may have to increase her prescription in her bifocal to help with the crossing. Surgery may be a possibility just because if her eye keeps turning in, it will shut down. As of now though, we have no talks of surgery.

Last night we had a daycare in our house. LOL Gloria and Levi normally come over on Monday nights because Matt has pool, and it allows Emma and Levi to play together for a little while. Well, Darik and Erik went to bring our old "double wide" chair to Lynae and Erik let it slip that he was going with Uncle Darik. Ryan was totally annoying Emily with wanting to come over to see Emma so they came over here too. The kids went to bed a little later than usual because Emily and Ryan were here till about 8 but, they all had tons of fun.

Ugh...I'll be back later...Madelyn is crabby and I need to get Emma ready for school.


mellowbutterfly said...

OMG Laura, that is such great news about Emma's eyes!

listgirl said...

Hi Laura! Sorry you're in a funk right now, but I'm thinking of you! And great news about Emma's eyes!