Thursday, March 5, 2009

AH! The smell of Spring

It's in the air! You know it. That smell of Spring. It was about 62 degrees today so we got to open the windows and air out all the sickies! YAY! The girls both got to play outside today and Madelyn was SO excited about everything. Emma loved getting to be able to ride her bike and Madelyn loved "chasing" her. Have you ever noticed how much better your mood is when it's a nice day out? That was me today. I was SO sick yesterday, and really don't feel all that hot again today, but, being outside with the girls for just 1/2 an hour today, made me feel SO much better.

Speaking of Madelyn, my baby is 11 months old today! I can not even sort of believe that she's going to be 1 in one month. It's so surreal! I have a very, um, scary feeling that she's going to be walking within the next week or so. She now cruises on anything she can...including coffee tables, walls, people's legs, and even going from spot to spot without hanging on to stuff. She's the devil. I'm convinced of it. We've had to start reprimanding her for things. When we spank her hand and tell her no, she looks up at us, smiles, and laughs!!! Then she'll start shaking her finger at you. Little snot! How am I not supposed to laugh at that?? We are officially done with the swaddling blanket too. About time, right? She had had a blowout the other day and at nap time, it still wasn't dry so we tried putting her down for a nap with a pillow and a blanket. Girl slept for an hour and half. If you know Madelyn, that's unheard of!

I got to talk to Sheana for quite awhile this afternoon and I was SO happy. We haven't gotten to really talk in a long time. We used to get to talk every day or at least every other day but she's started working and with Gabriella's diabetes, she is just super, duper busy. It was nice to just get to chat today.

I've been doing lots of scrapping lately. All of my creative teams are pumping out some GORGEOUS kits. Here's a few of the layouts I've done lately.

This adorable page was made with Michelle Batton's new kit Little Goldfish. I love all the fun fish and the colors are just too cute!

Did I mention I got a super sweet guest spot with Karah Fredricks this month (thanks Brandy!)? I'm super stoked about it because I've been a fan of hers forever. Now I just have to prove myself!

This is with the fun March collab at Pixel Gypsy Designs. The girls there have totally been blowing me away. Everything coming out of the store has been gorgeous lately!

TOTALLY love this kit from Brandy Designs and Trixie Scraps at Digital Candy. It absolutely fit my style of scrapping. I just can't say enough good things about this kit.

Last but definitely not least is a new kit from Elise Hansen at Pixel Gypsy Designs and a template from Sherrie Piegdon also at Pixel Gypsy Designs. Can you tell I'm absolutely LOVING all the pink and spring stuff out there?

Well, I'm a little long winded tonight so I'll end it here. I'm off to watch Hell's Kitchen with my Bubba and then we're off to bed. We're about 99% sure he's going to wind up with tubes again tomorrow.

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