Tuesday, February 3, 2009

These are the Days of Our Lives

Where does time go? Seriously. I can not seem to put my head around where time is going. I mean, it's not like I'm super busy, but it's February already!! What the hell??

It's been a not so fun few days here at the Wilson household. Emma came down with a cold um, I think it was about Tuesday or Wednesday last week. Of course Madelyn got it Thursday/Friday, and the biggest baby of all got it yesterday. I swear to God, Darik is worse than both the girls put together. He's been laying on the couch whining since yesterday. Boo. I feel so bad for you, RIGHT! You know if I were sick it'd be, "oh suck it up, what do you want to do, go to bed?" Why is it that men are such babies? I think Madelyn is getting another tooth and that's playing a part in why she's so sick and crabby. We'll see in a few days, huh?

I've decided that I really shouldn't blog in the morning...I have a really crappy attitude! LOL

I volunteered yesterday to go to Emma's Valentine's Day party. My first official "room mother" gig. Cynde is going to be one and then Emma's friend Elizabeth's mom is the other. They're both doing a game so I have to do a craft. I'm not doing anything super crafty but I'm going to go get some posterboard, draw some hearts on them, cut out some strips of construction paper, and get some googly eyes and have the kids make "heart people." They only get 15 minutes at each "station" so I thought that'd be something pretty simple. Plus, we've got glue to spare in this house so I'll bring that for them too. I had to bring apples and fruit dip anyway so I would be taking her to school that day anyway. I think it'll be fun! I know most of the kids in her class already so hopefully it goes smoothly.

Not much else is new around here...glasses are still a good thing with Emma. She doesn't ever complain about them and actually tells me she can't see when she doesn't have them on. I'm really hoping this is a step in the right direction! Madelyn crawls "right" now. She's pulling up on stuff but not standing. She only goes to her knees...weirdo! She's really independant and doesn't want you to help her walk so she'll do it in her own time I guess. Lord knows I'm in no hurry!

Mads is whining so I need to tend to her...I may be back later today. Maybe not!

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