Friday, February 6, 2009

Totally selfish

Yup! I think it's about time I made a totally selfish post. I haven't posted about my weight loss journey in a while so I figure it's about time.

As of Monday I am down 51 lbs! I'm so close to my first goal that I can't even take it! 9 more lbs and I'm there. I've really been noticing a difference lately as far as clothes fitting, different things I can do, and how I feel overall. It's insane to think that I've lost that much weight in two short months. It seems like it's been so much longer than that! Remember that list I had made awhile back? Well, I can already check some stuff off of it...that's the part the slays me!

Here's just a few of the "I can't wait's..." that I can check off...
  • I can totally wipe my own ass now (haha...Big Daddy refrence)
  • I can walk up the stairs and not sound like Darth Vader...and I have virtually no pain in my knees or back.
  • TMI is already SO much better, I actually enjoy it again
  • I can get in the car like a normal person, I actually even sat in the back seat with the girls in between the two car seats! That's HUGE

I had another "aha" moment the other day. I'm not a huge bath person. They just were never something I enjoyed. I didn't fit in the bathtub, I always had to make sure I didn't fill the water too full because it would splash everywhere when I got it, it just wasn't a fun experience. Well, the other day, I decided I was going to take a bath. My hair looked ok, it was getting late, and I needed to get going with the day. Filled up the tub, went to get in....and I fit! It actually wasn't uncomfortable for me to sit in the tub! I know, I know, that sounds so minor to someone who hasn't been there, but that was a major wow moment for me.

There haven't been many down sides to the whole surgery. Yes, the pain was bad in the beginning, and it sucked to only be able to "eat" liquids but you know, it has SO been worth it. I've lost more weight in two months than I've lost, well, ever. I'm getting to the point now where I can eat like a normal person. I can have proteins and vegetables now so that makes life a lot easier. Long gone are the days of not being able to eat certain things. I can pretty much tolerate anything, but I do have my days where my "pouch is angry." Some days food just doesn't agree with me, but you know, I don't need food like I did before. I do have days where I just wish I could sit and eat a package of Chips Ahoy, but I don't. It's so much easier now than it was before.

I've been totally slacking on the exercising lately but I think once it gets warmer out again that won't be so much of a problem. I know I feel better when I exercise so I should get back on it.

We're still dealing with the sickies here. Darik is feeling better (thank GOD!) and so is Emma, but poor Madelyn is still sick. I wound up taking her to the doctors the other day because she'd been so stuffed up for a week and it was getting worse instead of better. They prescribed her some Dallergy. I'd never heard of that before. It's an antihistamine as well so hopefully it will work. This is only her 3rd dose this morning so it's still hard to tell. She did sleep last night so that was a bonus. She's been SO clingy and crabby the past couple days...I need some sort of reprive.

Yesterday I talked to one of my friends from Ball State for about an hour or more. It was so nice to talk to an old friend and catch up. He and I always had this weird connection and could just talk and talk and talk, and that definitely hasn't changed. The whole conversation brought on him asking me about Cindy, my old roomate. I swear, she was the best friend I ever had, we got into a really, really stupid fight when I was getting married and haven't talked since then. Well, he had had a "thing" with her and he really screwed that up and of course, he asked me about her. So I got to looking her up on Facebook and found her! I swallowed my pride and contacted her, and I was SOOO excited when she emailed me back. Hopefully we'll get to talk some more soon, I've missed her sooo much.

Ok, I'm obviously in a better mood today since I'm rambling, rambling, rambling so I better go and spend some time with the kidlets. I can't wait for the warm weather this weekend!

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listgirl said...

Laura, I'm SO happy for you! 51 lbs is just amazing! I totally get what you're saying about feeling different about your body and being able to do more things. Even when I just gained 15 lbs I couldn't run as fast. Keep it up girl!