Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Yah, it's official...

I suck. I've been meaning to post something since Monday but have just been "busy." Not really doing anything per say but I just haven't sat down to post anything. Darik and I have recently become obsessed with Guitar Hero, and I've got to say, even thought it's a "stupid" video game, we have so much fun playing it. Reminds me of when we were living together sans kids and would stay up till 2 or 3 in the morning playing Tiger Woods golf or some other dumb game.

Most of you know that Emma's appointment at Children's Memorial was Monday. I am SOOO pleased with Children's Memorial and we will definitely not be going back to that quack of a doctor she was seeing. We all loved her doctor, he did a very thorough exam and he talked to her like a person, not a kid. She really needs that and it was like he understood that. He wound up giving her glasses, bifocals at that, and wants her to wear them all the time for 2 months. If he sees even a little bit of an improvement, we're going to go in that direction. He gave us basically the same diagnosis as the other doctor but his biggest concern was her depth perception problem (like I tried to tell the other doctor about...he always just passed it off as "well, she's 3, all 3 year olds have problems with depth perception"). He also told us that if she continues on like she is (with nothing to try to help) her eye will eventually shut down and she will not be able to use that eye. He's hoping that the bifocals will force her eye to turn the way it should since she has problems with things that are close up more than things that are far away. Funny thing is, we're already seeing a difference. As soon as you take her glasses off her eye's look almost "distant." It's insane. This definitely isn't the end all to be all yet but I'm so glad he's willing to try other options. He seemed really optimistic about the glasses and wouldn't even discuss the surgery with us until we were at that point...and let me tell you, that was like a HUGE weight lifted off my shoulders. He did tell us that if the glasses didn't work surgery was still an option, but I loved that he wasn't even going down that route until we got there. You know I've got pictures of her in her adorable little glasses. Check out the difference in her eyes already.

Doesn't she look cute?? So, that's the update with Emma. Hopefully in 2 months I'll be back to report that she is just going to continue to wear the glasses...that's so much easier to stomach than surgery!

Not a whole lot has been going on besides that. Madelyn is now pulling herself up on everything, and even trying to stand up on her own. We've been trying to walk with her but she wants to plop down on her butt all the time....and laugh. She's hilarious I swear. Her other top tooth finally came in so she just doesn't look like a "baby" any more. I can't believe in 2 months she'll be a year old. Where has time gone??

I deleted my Myspace account yesterday. Myspace was just getting too weird for me. I had some guy sending me messages...he claims he went to high school with me but I have no idea who he was. Just weirdness. I honestly don't check Myspace that much so I just got rid of it. I feel bad because I didn't really tell anyone I was going to do it, but oh well, right?

I must be close to that time of the month because I am just SUPER emotional right now. I haven't talked to Sheana in quite some time and that's really starting to get to me. Every email I get from her I think she's mad at me about something. I cried at a freaking commercial yesterday. I'm super tired the past couple days...I've been a mess, seriously. I think I'll start feeling better when Darik's done hunting. Only 4 more days!!!!!! Sitting at home by myself with the girls all day has been doing a number on me. Winter time has always been hard for me, I swear I have seasonal depression, and it seems the older I get, the worse it gets. We can't get outside to play and I just run out of things for the girls to do. Then I feel bad about that and it just spirals. I don't know...I'm so just rambling.

I'm down 48 lbs now!! Yay me! Darik asked me Saturday night what I would do when I was at 100 lbs and I said, "go out and buy myself some new clothes!!" There are days when I get really frustrated and wonder why I haven't lost more weight but then I stop and think and realize it's only been 2 months. I haven't lost 48 lbs EVER in my life and now I've done it in 2 months. I think the weight will probably start to slow down now that I'm going to start adding veggies to my diet (yay!) but when I get down I really need to stop and look at the bigger picture. I'm about 1/2 way to my goal and that is a MAJOR accomplishment.

Well, I need to get myself some breakfast and decide what we're going to do this morning. I wanted to go to the bank I used to work and bring the girls to visit but with this snow, I don't know that I want to do that...we'll see!

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