Thursday, January 22, 2009

What the....

Yup. Two posts in one day, what's up with that? :o) I'm at home with the girls by myself so I figure, why not.

Have I mentioned lately that I hate hunting season? Darik has been gone ALL DAY. He left at 4:30 this morning and is still not home at 7 PM. I realize he's working but it really sucks to be home all day with the kids by myself. January 31st can not come soon enough!

Tomorrow morning we have to go to St. Joe's and pick up Emma's MRI CD. It completely slipped my mind that her appointment is this Monday coming up. I'm not so excited to go with both girls but you gotta do what you gotta do, right?

So, my friend who separated with her husband is having a VERY hard time. I feel so absolutely horrible for her. She has some major trust issues, that she is fully aware of, and her husband knew about this before they got married. Today she did a not so smart thing, and he totally flew off the handle at her. Now, maybe she did deserve a little bit of that but I don't understand why he gets so defensive. He knew she had trust issues in the beginning of all of this and he knows she's going to see someone to help her deal with it. He's just being so irrational about the whole thing. She's really taking the whole separation as a learning experience and he's just using it to whoop it up with his friends. He is just so totally, totally selfish and that is DEFINITELEY not what she needs right now. I did tell her that I'd be up by her house in the morning so I'm hoping she'll take advantage of that and call me. I think she's more than likely calling in to work tomorrow so either she'll talk to him or talk to me.

Alright, it's almost bath time and since I've already blogged once today I'm out. It's good tv night so have a good one!

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