Friday, January 16, 2009

Not so excited...

Yesterday afternoon was Emma's dreaded eye appointment. The doctor told us that the only way to "fix" her eye is to do the surgery. That is not what we wanted to hear. The crossing is about the same distance wise but he can't really say anything about the frequency since she's only in the room for about 10 minutes with him. Basically what the surgery would entail is moving the muscle on her eye(s) so that it doesn't turn so much inwards and move it to where it would make her eye move back farther into the bony part of her eye. Now, I don't know about you but that freaks me the hell out. He said that the area that they're working with is about 1 mm and the needle they use is anywhere from 1/2 a mm to 1 mm. The thing that didn't set right with me was his consent form. I understand with any surgery there's a risk of certain things. Death, being the foremost, and since this is an eye surgery she could go blind, it may not work, it may work for a little bit and then it'll go back to the way it was...I could go on and on. But his consent form basically said that if she does go blind from the surgery, he won't be responsible for that. Um, excuse me? Aren't doctors supposed to do whatever they can to help the patient? I realize he's probably only trying to cover his own butt but wow. That's an awful lot for anyone to have to absorb. He told us yesterday that surgery is our only option to "fix" it because it's not a muscle issue but an issue on the stem of her brain, and they obviously can't do brain surgery to fix it. Seriously, why could the kid not just need glasses???? To top it all off, I asked if this is something I need to be concerned with for Madelyn. Of course he tells me the chances of her having it are pretty good. Nice. Really freaking nice. I'm going to hope and pray she doesn't develop it but add that to my already full plate please! So, needless to say, I am definitely going to call Children's Memorial and get her in ASAP. We plan on bringing her MRI films and that's it. We're not going to bring her records because we want a fresh opinion. If the doctor there tells us that we need to proceed with the surgery, we'll have it done there. I just feel a little better having the surgery done at a hospital that only hires the best. We're planning on taking her to Dr. Janice Lasky Zeid or Dr. Marilyn B. Mets since they both specialize in strobismis and ocular surgery. I just wish I didn't have to do this. I'll be back later to update...Just wanted to get this all down for now.

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