Thursday, January 8, 2009

Just another day....

living in the 'hood...just another day around the way...feeling good today

**anyone else singing a little Queen Latifah?**

Ok, I'm totally goofy today but I still have to blog! :o)

So, I had my one month follow up appointment/class yesterday. The class was really just a friendly reminder type of deal. It's insane to me that there are actually people who don't follow the rules they set for us. Why would you go through all the dieting and pain of the surgery to just mess it up? There was a lady there yesterday who was talking about how she's developed gout, and she's got kidney problems (all stuff she had before the surgery) and then in the same breath she's saying that she's been eating salads! UM...the "rules" very plainly state that we're to only eat proteins for the first 8 weeks. Hello retard!! ANYWAY, we all know the stupid people are out there, I just have to choose not to be one of them. I didn't realize we weren't supposed to be eating beans (like refried beans and chili) and I have been doing that so, um, won't be doing that anymore! I wonder if that's maybe why I've been at a standstill for so long. I shouldn't complain but damn it, I want to lose more weight! Starting February 1st I get to add in non-starchy vegetables, like green beans, cauliflower, broccoli, etc. And I can not wait for that. I just want something other than mushy food sooo badly. Then, starting March 1st I get to add in fruits. It makes my mouth water just thinking about it! LOL Other than that, dr said things looked good. I was kind of worried because **TMI WARNING** I hadn't had a period since the surgery so I asked him about that and he said it's not abnormal for that to happen to women since your body goes into starvation mode...and wouldn't you know, it was all in vain. I should have just kept my mouth shut because I went and jinxed the whole situation!

So, the whole witch sprinkles thing did not work with Emma. She still got up at 4 AM this morning. I took her to the bathroom and made her go back into her own bed though. I'm guessing it's just a phase and she's testing me on yet another thing but gosh, it really sucks. She gets up for the day about 7 and then she's SO tired when she gets home from school, it's a fight to get her to take a little nap, and then it's a fight for her to go to bed at night. I know she just wants to sit up with me and "go to my bed," but, sorry Charlie, Mama's the boss and you're not going to play me.

Other than that, things are good around here. Madelyn has been in such a great mood since those darn teeth came in. She looks so funny with these big ol' front teeth barely in. We go Saturday for her 9 month pictures. I can't wait to see what they'll look like...she's such a ham these days.

My sister, Lisa, came over today for my maternity clothes. She's only about 5 months preggo and she's already gained 5o lbs!!!! Is that not insane??? I was thinking my maternity clothes wouldn't even sorta fit her because they're all 2x and 3x but I don't think that's going to be a problem at all! She's HUGE...not just size wise but baby wise too. She kind of pissed me off in assuming that I was going to give her baby clothes since she's having a girl. I know they don't have a lot of money and all but, I have at least one friend who's having a girl and I feel much more comfortable giving her the baby clothes instead of my sister. I know that's absolutely horrible to say but since I gave her Emma's walker and they destroyed it, I just have no sympathy for their financial situation. Wouldn't you think that if someone gave you something, you'd try to keep it in the same shape they gave it to you?? Whatever, no sense getting all worked up about it again. Needless to say, Lynae and possibly Emily will be getting the bulk of the stuff I give away.

Ok, I'm off to nap for a little bit before Emma gets home. I'm absolutely beat today!

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