Monday, January 12, 2009

Another boring Monday

I hate Mondays. I always have, I always will. It's just the stigma that a Monday has I think, it's not like Monday is any different than the rest of the week or anything! Emma's anxiously awaiting getting back to school, I have laundry to catch up on, I don't want to do's just a Monday.

So, this weekend was pretty boring. Well, sort of. Saturday we took Madelyn to get her 9 month pictures done and they turned out SO cute. I'll have to post some as soon as I get the email with them. Supposedly the guy was going to use some of her photos as store models. That'll be so cool to go in and see my baby on the wall there! Who knows if it'll really happen, but it'd be cool. Sunday I majorly cleaned the house. It had just gotten so disgusting. Well, ok, not really disgusting but disgusting in my eyes. I hate that everyone comes in the house and everything just drops in the kitchen. Granted, that's where we walk in to but it drives me nuts that Darik just empties his pockets there and leaves it. So, yesterday was the day it all got tossed or put away. I even moved the oven and cleaned under there (yuck I might add)! So, the living room and kitchen got totally cleaned yesterday. I keep up with the bathroom pretty regularly because if I don't it really grosses me out. The living room is pretty much a lost cause. There's always toys everywhere and no matter what I do I can't keep the floor clean, and Madelyn always finds the smallest thing in the world to put in her mouth. I guess that's the joy of having kids huh? :o)

Speaking of kids...Emma has officially hit that point of annoying 3 year old. WAY past the point actually. She has seriously thrown a fit every time I take her in public lately. Plus, even Madelyn is getting annoyed with her...that's gotta be bad right? She just loves Madelyn SOOOO much and she doesn't understand that when Madelyn pushes her away or cries that that means she wants her to leave her alone. Ahh, she won't be 3 forever right?

On the weight loss front...things are looking better, finally. I was stuck at the same weight for what seemed like forever. I think it was really about 2 weeks but, you know what I mean. I got on the scale yesterday and was down 6 pounds from what I was Wednesday...THANK GOD! I started taking the potassium that I was supposed to be taking all along, and it is so much easier to take than the pills. It's an effervescent pill that dissolves and it tastes like butt, but I'd much rather have that than that gigantic horse pill!

Not much else is new around here. We're supposed to get more snow today and then the temperatures are supposed to plummet. I think the high for Wednesday is 8 or something crazy like that. Thursday is the dreaded dr's appt for Emma. That's the day we'll find out if she needs surgery or not, so please keep us in your thoughts on Thursday! ♥

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listgirl said...

Yay Laura, congrats on the six lbs!