Tuesday, January 6, 2009

I so suck!

I'm a horrible blogger! I had "promised" myself that I was going to blog every day but ya know, some days, I just don't feel like it and want to go to bed. I always mean to, I just don't.

Well today was a great day actually. We had Madelyn's 9 month appointment today. Can you even believe she's 9 months old already?! She tipped the scales at 23 lbs 12 oz, which is actually less than I thought she would be. She is 29 inches long too! My little chunka munka! Dr. Aschinberg said she's doing really well for her age. She obviously isn't lacking in the food department at all. He told me to wait about a month or so and to go ahead and start switching her to 2% milk (notice no whole milk in that sentence LOL) and that I can start giving her a scrambled egg every other day or so for breakfast. I know she's not allergic since Mom was feeding her french toast the other day...and she LOVED it. I'm hoping to get her switched to strictly table food once I'm all done with the baby food I have in the cabinet. I'm so over the whole baby food thing. It's absolutely sickening to buy at least 30 jars of baby food a week. I know it doesn't amount to that much but come on. Madelyn and I could easily split a serving of whatever I make for dinner, and I'd be saving even more money that way. ANYWAY, I'm glad she's doing so well. I can't believe the next time I have to to take her will be her one year check up! :(

Emma went back to school today...and might I say, THANK GOD! She was sooo bored at home with me and it was really starting to show. Madelyn definitely enjoyed being home with me by herself this afternoon. Emma's been having sleep issues lately and a couple friends of mine offered me a great solution and I can not wait to try it out. Emma's been fighting me to go to bed at night. She keeps wanting to get back up saying she has to go potty, which I know she doesn't. Or she'll get up in the middle of the night and want to get in my bed. First off, we are SO not a co-sleeping family. Not that I have anything wrong with that but, the kid is absolutely horrible to sleep with. Her feet are either in my back or she's laying on me or something of that nature and I don't sleep well and neither does she. She finally fessed up as to what the problem is. She watched the Dora Snow Princess special about 2 or 3 weeks ago. Well, of course she picks out the witch to obsess about. She thinks a witch is going to get her every night. Well my friends suggested that I make a "witch begone potion" and let her sprinkle it around her room! Isn't that a cute idea??? I'm PRAYING that it'll work. She's just too stubborn and there's no reasoning with her anymore.

Darik is officially laid off now and I couldn't be happier! Isn't that horrible? You'd think I'd be all upset because we're losing that extra income but I'm so not. He's still working out at the hunt club and he'll draw unemployment but I'm just going to be so glad that he's at home to help me.

So I had my first official "wow" moment with the whole weight loss thing yesterday. I went to go get my hair cut and all the girls there know about my surgery. I went in the week after I had it and was talking to all of them about it. So, here it was 4 or 5 weeks later, and I'm down 32 lbs. I walk in the door and one of the owners goes "WOW LAURA! You're so skinny!!" I about died! LOL What do you say to that?? She goes on to tell me how thin my face has gotten and on and on and on. It felt good but at the same time I was almost embaressed!

Well, I'm going to go...I'm off to do some super sleuthing around the internet, something's not sitting right with me and I have to find out the answer!

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