Saturday, January 3, 2009

Another weekend is upon us...

So, I think I'm finally out of my funk. I don't know what it was all about but I tell ya, everything and everyone was making me angry or annoyed at some point. I don't know if it's because Emma's on Christmas break (which is stressful for everyone in this house) or if it was because I had that crazy cold or what...but I'm glad it's over!

Have I mentioned that this house is being torn upside down? Madelyn is crawling/wriggling now and she is FAST! No room is safe. No drawers are safe. No cords are safe. She is the complete antithesis of Emma. We never needed a baby gate with Emma, never needed drawer locks. Heck, Madelyn isn't even walking yet and we need them! I just can't believe that she is going to be 9 months old on Monday. It makes me realize that I need to cherish every moment with them, no matter how much they are misbehaving on any given day.
Speaking of the girls, Madelyn has discovered how to play peekaboo. Last night her and Emma were playing for about a 1/2 hour and she was just dying laughing the whole was SOOO cute!

I've been doing better as far as getting sick has been going. I'm still not taking the potassium pills because I don't have the powder but I seem to be doing ok. I'll be so glad when I can eat something other than mushy foods. Cottage cheese, refried beans, lentil soup, fish (puke), and scrambled eggs are about all I can eat right now and it's getting old FAST. I'm really excited for the 7th because that's my "month" check up. We have a meeting with Cherrish and the nutritionist so I'm hoping they give us some options as far as food goes. After our meeting we all go to get weighed. That ought to be interesting. 30 or so people waiting to get weighed and see Dr. Joyce. Can't wait! *insert eye roll* I must be "shifting" lately because I haven't really lost any more weight, I'm at 32 lbs total, but my clothes are definitely fitting differently. I have to buy myself one pair of jeans. I have the size I was in when I went for surgery and then two sizes below that but none in the middle because I was pregnant with Mads. And let me just tell you, the saggy butt is not a good look for anyone!

I suppose I had better hop in the shower so we can get going. Emma seems to have sprouted over night and none of her jeans fit her so we're going to Joliet to Kohl's today to get her some jeans...and a pair for myself. Wish me luck, mom is out of town so I'm going by myself! AAGH!

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