Saturday, December 27, 2008

I'm such a baby

I feel like complete and total poo. Emma got a cold somewhere between the 23rd and Christmas. Well, guess who caught it. Yours truly. I can only take tylenol so I went to get some tylenol sore throat since that's what's bothering me the most and um, Gertrude the Grouchy Pouch does not like that so much. Yuck! I feel worse now that I took something than before. To top it off, I think Madelyn is getting it too. She was up almost all night last night. Darik told me he'd get up with her tonight since I'm feeling so yucky and didn't sleep last night. There was a really bad storm last night so I had both girls up at one point through the night. LOL I'm sure we were a sight to be seen!

Christmas went really well here. Christmas Eve we went to John and Gloria's. We had hot wings (that's what Matt wanted) and I made a ham that Darik had gotten from someone out at the hunt club. I didn't try any of the ham, the last time I had pork was not a good experience. I really don't remember what I had! That's what an impression it had on me! The kids did really well. Emma made out like a bandit like she always does. She got all 6 of the HSM 3 dolls from Matt since he got them for $5 a piece, some cute clothes, a HSM cheerleader outfit, a doll she's named Sally, a really cute Princesses alarm clock and lots of little odds and ends.
Christmas morning was utter chaos here. Emma was up before Madelyn, like I figured she would be. Emma LOVED her dance cam. She even knows how to work it by herself already. She loved all of her clothes, her cutting book, and all her books and puzzles. Madelyn loves her little stage and of course her puppy. They both did sooooo well that day. We went to my moms from about 12:30 till 4:30. Madelyn actually took a nap while we were there and Emma had a blast playing with all of Lisa's kids and Jayden. Of course she was ecstatic because Tommy and Ashley were there too. It was nice there because they didn't get one toy. THANK GOD! They were so well behaved....and then we came home! Emma was sooo tired and it totally showed. She was sent to bed by quarter to eight because she couldn't quit crying about everything. All in all, Christmas was a great sucess, and I'm SO glad it's over.

On the weight loss front, I'm down 32 lbs as of this morning. I talked to Cherrish this morning (since we didn't go to Christmas there). She brought me the chewable vitamins and Gloria brought them to me last night. They are SOO much easier to tolerate. They almost taste like vitamin C. She said those used to be the vitamins they gave out but now since BMI makes their own they don't sell them. I also get to quit taking the Q-10 since I can't keep it down. I'm hoping from here on out things will be a little easier. The past few days I just haven't wanted to eat, but I'm guessing a lot of that has to do with post nasal drip and my stomach not feeling so hot.

Emma is going so stir crazy. She does not play well by herself and it is showing right about now. She'd much rather play with Madelyn's Christmas toys than hers and she just doesn't know what to do. You can tell she's not enjoying this Christmas vacation.

We're under a flood watch/warning until tomorrow at like noon or something like that. All the ice and snow we had has melted since it was almost 60 today. It's been raining since last night. I can only imagine what it'll look like around here tomorrow.

Ok, I'm off....I have to try to keep the kids contained and think about making something for Emma and me for dinner.

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