Monday, December 29, 2008

A Beautiful Day?

I so don't feel like that these past few days. Madelyn is teething something fierce. Last night she was up every hour, and when I finally did get her to sleep Emma woke up! Of course, Darik sleeps through it all, completely oblivious to the whole thing. I feel bad for Mads because I'm constantly wiping her nose and she hates it but, I think that's better than letting her eat a mouthful of snot. Emma was the one who started the whole cold thing and she only had it for two days. Poor Madelyn and I have had it for what seems like years! LOL No, we've only had it for 3 days but it seems much worse with us. I bought Madelyn one of those night light vaporizer things today so I'm hoping that will help her sleep tonight. I can't keep the vaporizer on in her room because it's too small and it winds up being like a sauna in there. The mis is so thick you can't see anything and she is drenched. I think that kind of defeats the purpose!

I have to bitch again this year about how much I hate hunting season. Darik is still working and even though he gets off at 2:30 today, he feels the need to go out to the hunt club. He knows I always have dinner ready for him (and us) at 5:30. He calls me tonight at 5:30 telling me he's going to be late. I guess I should be happy that he at least called tonight, he hasn't the past two nights. Seriously, I don't think it's too much to ask for you to be home for dinner. The girls and I don't see him all day, every day during the summer, you'd think now that work has slowed down he would want to see us. Maybe that's it, maybe he doesn't want to see us. I don't know, it just really pisses me off, that I know. I cook him dinner every night....and I can't even eat it. You'd think he'd at least show me the decency to be home to eat it. I should just quit making dinner for him. Stupid ass. I'm just too tolerant sometimes.

Things have been going better on the gastric bypass front. I did get sick yesterday morning but I think I just ate something that didn't agree with me. The chewable vitamins are not even a problem anymore. I'm down 32 lbs still....not much new. I can only eat mushy stuff still and that's getting real old real fast. I'm not a big fish fan so my options are really limited. I'm hoping when I go on the 7th they'll clear me for some more stuff. I'm oh so sick of just eating proteins.

Mom and I went shopping today. Just for groceries but still. I got to see Teresa, one of my old shift supervisors at the boat, and it was SO nice to see her. I was really close to her and it made me so sad that we didn't keep in touch after I quit there. Mom got really sick while we were in Wal-Mart. She got SUPER pale and really cold and broke out into a sweat. She seemed like she got a little better once we got in the car and she was sitting down but she really scared me. I need to call her and make sure she's ok.

Well, I need to wrangle up the indians. If Madelyn isn't touching me somehow she freaks so poor Emma's getting the shaft this week.

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Faye said...

*hugs* You are too nice... I would kick that man! I hope things ease up soon hon.