Friday, December 5, 2008


Today was my first really rough day. I learned my lesson the hard way about drinking all my water. I was so nauseous today. All day long. I'm supposed to drink 64 oz of water a day. That was nothing "back in the day" but now that I can only sip...not such an easy task. Plus, I can't drink for 9o minutes after I eat (think of it like a funnel, all the water would go in first, causing me to want to get rid of my food). I've also been having a hard time swallowing my pills since I can't just take a big ol' swig. If you know me, I'm the girl who took 2 or 3 ibruprofen without any water so this is killing me. I'm really surprised that I haven't had the urge to eat "bad stuff." Emma's on a popcorn kick lately so she wants that as her before bed snack. Smelling it has honestly been enough for me, and that makes me feel SO good. I was really worried about just wanting to eat to eat. That was how I was before. It was a habit just like smoking was for me. I'm glad that so far, it's been pretty easy. I'm sure once I start eating more "real" food it'll get harder but for now...I'm counting my many blessings. OH, did I mention...I'm down 14 lbs already! 9 from my pre op diet and then 5 since Monday! That so excites me. Maybe once I start really working out more that'll help even more!

So, Madelyn is cutting another tooth, and she SUCKS! She just whines. She's not bad per say, but the whining is non.stop. I just hope it pops through soon. I feel bad because Darik has to deal with her still even though I know I shouldn't, but after working all day, that's gotta suck.

Emma was SO much better today than yesterday. This 3 year old crap is tough. I always thought 2 was supposed to be bad. Lemme tell ya 2 was a piece of cake, it's 3 that sucks! She's 3 going on 13, she's SO mouthy some days but then the next she's as sweet as pie. Ahhh, the joys of raising two girls.

Totally off topic but the girls were SO cute tonight. Every night we have to sit on Emma's bed to watch "The Good Night Show" with her. So tonight was no different. Darik was finishing up giving Mads her bath and Emma and I were in her room watching tv. Darik brought Mads out here and she was just whining and whining. Finally I couldn't take it anymore and told him to bring her in there. She's figured out if she jumps on her butt she can jump on Emma's bed. They sat and bounced for 20 minutes and giggled the whole time! I just love that Emma totally adores her and Madelyn feels the same way. I PRAY that it stays this way. Emma is constantly hugging her saying, "I love my baby sissy" and Madelyn is always so happy if Emma even comes near her. The fact that Emma is such a lover in general helps I'm sure, but Madelyn is not as affectionate, but she sure is with Emma. So cute!

Well, I think I'm off for the night. I've had enough and Darik's getting out of the shower.

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