Thursday, December 4, 2008

Wowie wow wow

So, I'm officially sick of being sore. My left side is still really tender. It doesn't so much hurt as it feels like pulling or burning. I haven't been able to pick up Madelyn since I've been home, and that blows! :o( I tried to hold her for awhile today but that was so not a good idea, I'm totally paying for it now, BUT, vicodin is my friend and he'll take care of that!

Today was a day of firsts. I gave myself my first Lovinox shot (a blood thinner), had to swallow all my pills (about 6 total), and got to "eat" pureed foods today. The shot wasn't so bad. The needle on it is so small I don't think I'd even feel it if I weren't paying attention. It's nice because when you push it in all the way the needle retracts so even if Emma did go in the garbage and pick it up, she wouldn't poke herself. That is a BIG bonus. The vitamins and potassium pills were rough. It's hard to take big gulps of water because it just makes me real nauseous so I had a time getting them down. The potassium pills were the hardest. They are horse pills and I had to try 3 times to get them down. Not fun to get a pill stuck in your throat. Period. The other ones weren't too bad. I have to take the potassium pills for 6 weeks I think and the multi-vitamin for the rest of my life. The Q-10 is just an added bonus for energy and stuff so I'll probably take that forever too, Lord knows a little energy boost never hurt anyone! It was nice to actually eat something, even if it was pureed. For breakfast I had two tablespoons of scrambled eggs (no pureeing, it's small enough without that) and boy was it nummy! For lunch I had some tuna mixed with mayo and like 1/2 a tsp of relish. Wasn't bad. Then for dinner I had turkey with gravy since that's what Emma wanted for supper. That really wasn't ideal but it worked out really good. 2 tbsp's seems to be the max I can eat right now. Which is totally, totally mind blowing. When you stop and look at 2 tbsps, that is nothing! Madelyn even eats about 10 times what I do. That's kinda funny! LOL But that's about it. I'm down 14 lbs now. About 8 pre op and 6 since Monday. I'm so excited...I hope it continues!

Madelyn has cut another tooth! The top right one is poking through. I kind of figured she was cutting another from the way she wasn't sleeping and how fussy she was. Then Tuesday night it just sort of stopped. Her stuffy nose went away, she slept through the night, she even took 2 naps on Wednesday. Lo and behold, tonight when Matt was here he was brave and felt to see if there was a tooth and there was!

Emma's going through a defiant stage right now and it's killing me that I can't just beat her ass sometimes. Her big thing today was telling me that she doesn't like me. Nice huh? I know it was just because Gloria was here and she wanted her to do everything but that is NOT acceptable. I don't care if you don't like me, I don't want you saying that to anyone! So, I spanked her butt and threw her in time out. Little shit. I so don't need that from her right now. I know she learned it at school. She's sassy and all but she's not mean.

Darik's still working. He said today that it should be ending soon. The ground was frozen and everything else was frozen so it was pointless for them to be out there. That just means he'll be out at the hunt club more often though. God love him. He's been so great through all of this. Since I can't hold Mads he's been getting up with her if she gets up, he bathes her and Emma at night...he's just been great. I so appreciate it!

Well, I'm off to scrap. I've been on a shopping spree lately so I need to use some of that! Till tomorrow....

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