Saturday, December 13, 2008

Ahhh, it's the weekend

So, Friday I had my first post op appointment. Dr. Joyce said things look really good. I have a couple incisions that are kind of scabby and wider than I thought they should be but they're the ones where I'm using muscles to deal with Madelyn. He said they should heal up without a problem though so there's some good news! So far I'm down a total of 22 lbs!! YAY! It's so nice to hear people say I "look good." Do you know how long it's been since ANYONE has said that to me? There's so many other things that make me happy about losing the weight too. I can turn my head and my chin fat doesn't get in the way...that was a big one for me. I can actually wear shirts that I bought for myself and never wore because my muffin top was protruding way too far. Heck, it's even easier to walk up and down the stairs. I seriously can not wait to lose more weight. I've never ever been one to exercise and I've exercised every day this week. Granted it's only walking on the treadmill, but still, that's a big thing for me! I go back to the doctor for my one month check up on Jan. 7th. We have a seminar that day (sort of like a follow up on diet, exercise, etc.) and then we all have to go get weighed. Can we say mad rush to the dr's office? There's going to be like 30 of us. That will be NO fun. I'm hoping Matt can babysit that day, if not, I'm screwed!

Last night was Darik's dad's 60th bday party. We had KFC...let me tell you, that was so not a good idea for me. I wound up eating some baked beans and that was it. It was just such a tension filled night. Darik has an aunt that hadn't seen Madelyn up until last night. Hell, she had to ask Matt what her name was for chrissake. Anyway, Darik is a little ticked about it (rightfully so) and has decided we're not going to Christmas over there and he just wants nothing to do with her. He wound up sitting in the living room for most of the night because he just didn't want to even see her. I felt really bad for him. It was funny though. Madelyn's not one of those kids who cries when someone she doesn't know holds her. She never has been. So of course his aunt wants to hold her and I tell her, "oh, she'll be fine, she never cries when someone holds her." Lo and behold she started BAWLING. I so bad wanted to say, "serves ya right bitch!" BUT, I held back. It's just sad. Really sad.

Today my mom, Lynn, and I took the girls Christmas shopping. Mom hadn't gone at all yet so she had quite a bit to do. Madelyn did SO good. We got to the mall about 10 and we didn't get home until almost 4 this afternoon. She fell asleep there and on the way home and she actually fell asleep in the cart at Target! It was SO precious. But, mom hit some good sales at Carson's and I finished off Madelyn...and of course wound up getting Emma somethings too. But, stocking stuffers are bought (yay for the dollar bin at Target), teachers presents are bought, heck, I even got Uncle Dave (Emma's bus driver)! Feels good to not have to rush this year. OH, only thing I have to do is buy Emma a new stocking. Hers has dissapeared some where.

I'm not sure what's on the agenda for tomorrow. I do know Emma is going to Emily's to play with Ryan and so some craft thing. She'll just be happy to see them. Lord knows it's been forever and a day. We actually saw them at the mall today and Emily has really "popped." She said she thinks she's having a girl this time. That'd be nice for her...because I have LOTS of stuff she could have!

OHOH, I'm so, so excited. One of my scrap buddies is starting to design and she's asked me to help her out with her creative team! That means so much to me that #1, she trusts me enough to ask me to do something like that, #2 she likes my designs enough to ask me, and #3 it is SO fun to help someone get their name out there. We got to do that with Rachel (Young) and now she's so well known in the scrap community. I love it. One other thing going on with my "scrap life" is the new format of the challenges at PGD. It's going to be a lot like SSD's challenge format and I TOTALLY think this is going to help us drum up more forum participation. PGD has grown so much from even when I got there 5 months ago. It's crazy. I'm hoping some new faces will check us out. Should be lots of fun!

Well, that's it for tonight...unless I feel chatty later LOL Darik's out at the hunt club for his weekly Saturday get together so it's just me and the girlies tonight. Emma and I are having a healthy meal of popcorn shrimp, mini corndogs, and tater tots. Nice huh?

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