Sunday, January 8, 2012

yup. still lazy.

well, now it is sunday...and yup, i'm still lazy :)  i haven't left the house (minus to go to the grocery store to get stuff for darik's apple slices) since friday night and i'm ok with that!

i mentioned yesterday was a good day, well, let's just say the demons are making up for that today.  madelyn has been whiny and just plain rude all day.  she threw the dog off the couch at one point earlier today if that gives you any indication of her loveliness today. *eye roll*  emma's never really bad, but when m is like this, it just adds fuel to the fire.  e gets annoyed by m, then they bicker, then i get annoyed, and when darik's home he just plain blows up.  so while we haven't done a whole lot today, emotions have been....high.

emma starts cheerleading tomorrow night and she is SO excited.  she has practice 3 nights this week where they learn a little dance and a cheer and then they're going to perform at one of the varsity boys basketball games at the HS with the Pantherettes.  she is just beside herself.  it's kinda nice because one of the girls i babysit after school is doing it as well, so kayli will be able to practice with emma.  i kinda worry about how well she'll take to this LOL

here's a layout i did today, with la grier's newest kit.  i <3 la.  i always love my pages with her stuff.  scrap therapy is my friend.

well, that is all for today.  like i said, we've been boring this weekend, so, not a whole lot to report :)

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