Saturday, January 7, 2012

ahhh, the weekend

gotta love a lazy weekend :)  today we did a whole lotta nothin'.  once we were up and moving this morning, i made the girls chocolate chip pancakes and bacon.  the bacon was more for darik, but that's beside the point LOL

i planned on doing a whole lot of nothing because these past few weeks have been so insanely busy.  i DID make some brownies and apple slices for darik's meeting tonight, but for the most part, i spent the day scrapping, playing kinect with the girls, bathing the dog (fun times right there) and just being lazy.  i love the age that the girls are at now.  yes, madelyn tends to be on the sassy side, but we're all just content just staying home and spending time together.  tonight once darik left for his meeting, we sat down and watched thumbelina (well, they watched thumbelina, i read my book) and just snuggled on the couch.  they sat and watched the whole movie (minus a few moments of pent up energy) and it was just a really enjoyable evening.  i'm not so sure we had many of those about 6 months ago!

i mentioned my book.  i'm reading "the happiness project" right now.  it's our book of the month over at SSD and it had been recommended to me by a friend almost a year ago now.  my one goal for the new year is to be more positive.  the older i get, the more i realize that the whole 'fake it until you make it' mantra, is a good one to stick to.  so, my goal for this year is to woosah more often and try to focus on the positive instead of the negative.  i'm really enjoying this book and i really do think that i will incorporate a lot of what she's saying into my daily life.  the part that i just finished up had to do with her relationship with her spouse.  it made me realize that i really do need to concentrate more on how i interact with darik.  i do push him to the side quite often, not because i don't love him or care about his feelings, but because i'm so strongly independent and well, often times it's just easier to do it myself.  i hate to nag, i hate to ask more than once....but i need to own up to the fact that i have my own faults as well.

i've said it before, but, i worked on the outside for 2 years, now it's time to work on the inside.  i'm not unhappy with the person i am, but there's always room for improvement :)

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