Thursday, August 11, 2011

i want to punch someone

not sure why....but for the past few days i've been extremely irritable.  yanno, in case you hadn't noticed LOL  it's not getting to the point where i feel like i need meds again...but i wonder if it's heading in that direction.  i'm going to wait it out and see how things are once school starts.  the non-stop fighting and whining coming from the kids i'm sure doesn't help.  all of that seems to subside a bit once emma gets her routine and schedule back.

so far today, all bets are off.  today is levi's last day with us....and i think we're all kinda glad for that.  like i said, yesterday, emma and levi have reached that point where they just can't stand each other anymore and that makes for a lot of very tense situations.  i was supposed to have PT this am and then we were going to go for lunch with my aunt since today's her birthday.  well, 2 little girls were up at 400 so, that won't be happening.  emma's been complaining of her ear hurting so i think i'm going to finally bite the bullet and take her in.

i'm just very......RAWR.  i have a bad attitude, i just want to cry...and that's the first sign that i need to step away and have a break.  we're supposed to head to the zoo tomorrow, so i'm hoping that will be a little break that we all need.  either that or it could be totally disastrous.  damn the pessimist in me!

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