Wednesday, August 10, 2011

the best of intentions....

i honestly always have the best of intentions when it comes to blogging.  i think i'm going to do it everyday but when it comes down to it, 95% of the time, once i get the kids in bed, all i want to do is just sit and do nothing.  i can't do it in the morning because well, they wake me up and once they're awake, there's no quiet time LOL

yesterday was not a good day.  i think that's why i was so hesitant to even blog yesterday.  i was in a bad mood and it would have definitely shown in my blog post.

yesterday was supposed to be m's first dentist appointment.  she woke up totally stoked about it, was fine all the way there, as soon as we got out of the car, she started BAWLING.  now, madelyn is not a crier.  the only time she cries is if she's honest to goodness scared of if she's in pain.  i knew it was going to bad from there on out and we shouldn't have even gone in.  she did great in the waiting room, she did great when the assistant brought her in to show her all the tools and tell her what they do....and then the dr walked in.  she started bawling.  wouldn't open her mouth.  started hyperventilating....was having NO part of it.  we tried to tell her that she couldn't go to school until she let the dentist count her teeth, no dice.  we tried to tell her it wouldn't hurt, that nothing bad was going to happen, nope.  i sat with her on the chair, uh uh.  finally after about 10 minutes, we all said forget it.  i'm not sure what her problem was but i made another appointment for the 18th.  the little shit woke up this morning saying, 'mama.  we go see my teeth doctah today?'  grrrrrrrrrrrr!

we had an incident with emma yesterday too.  she decided it was a good idea to just take off and go talk to the boy down the street.  granted, he was just hanging out in front of our house, but in my house, you do NOT just go outside without telling anyone and you most certainly do not leave the yard without telling anyone.   i have issues with this little boy playing with the girls anyway, but that's another story for another time.  needless to say, she lost her itouch today.

today was a new day.  i woke up with a good attitude...i actually slept for 8 whole hours last night!  we went and got groceries/school supplies and i TOTALLY rocked it.  i usually allot myself the same amount of money each week for groceries and with school supplies i only went $1.20 over my norm.  i was pretty proud of that!

today we spent a lot of time outside.  was a pretty good day overall.  was nice to be out in the fresh air with the kiddos.  it's definitely getting to be 'that' time of the summer though.  the girls are getting on each other's nerves, levi is picking at emma, emma throws a fit because she can't just ignore him.....there have been lots of tears and meltdowns the past few days.

tomorrow we've got a day of PT planned and then we're going to go out for lunch with my aunt.  it's her bday and the girls just adore her (as do i) so we're going to spend the afternoon with her.

friday we're going to hang out with my friend heather at the zoo, then the girls are going to go see glee with my MIL.  should be a fun next couple of days!

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