Monday, August 8, 2011

hmm, what's this old thing?

is it, a blog???
you mean, this still exsists? LOL

i've decided to start blogging again.  i don't know if anyone will read it, or if it's even going to be on a regular basis, but i need something.  i need an outlet.  i'm a bitch anymore.  no one wants to listen to me whine and complain so i've decided blogging will be the outlet i need.

i will preface these posts with, i'm not a complainer, honest.  sure i whine, who doesn't, but, i need somewhere to let it out, and this is the spot.  my husband doesn't want to be burdened with my whining, i'm sure my friends say that they would listen, but, eh, they don't need my problems either.  so, the little bloggy gets the beatings.

first, i'm going to work on a makeover.  i'll post more later, i'm sure.

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