Sunday, September 26, 2010


so, um, i apparently suck at doing anything on a daily basis.  lol  that's why birth control pills never worked for me.  i'd do well for a week, then i'd forget a day here and there...sorta like my sporadic blogging!

darik wound up getting rained on on Friday morning so i packed up madelyn about 730 and headed off to get groceries while darik got emma off to school.  we got our stuffs and then i headed on to therapy.  i go back to the orthopedic on tuesday so i'll find out then if i'm done with therapy or what.  it has helped me a TON and i'm so glad that i went and did it.  i'm still having some issues but i almost wonder if it'll ever be back to normal.

friday night was a busy one.  emma went to her first 'big girl' birthday party.  it was a drop off kinda party but she wanted me to stay...which was fine since i am friends with the girls mom and we're technically related anyway.  lol  it was super cute.  it was a circus theme and they had about 8 little stands set up for the kids to play with.  they got 10 tickets when they walked in and they used 1 ticket for each game.  they had cotton candy/popcorn/mini corn dogs/ nachos/cupcakes to eat and some of the little booths they had were face painting/tattoos, balloon animals, penny pusher, ping pong toss, clothespin was just really a super cute idea.  both girls had an absolute blast and i'm SO happy that emma's already making some great friends.
here's a quick photo of her with the birthday girl

darik left for a weekend hunting trip on friday night as well.  he goes every year to his friends house and they go over the border into iowa for a weekend of drinking and hunting geese.  i'm assuming he had a wonderful time because he was complaining of not getting enough sleep yesterday LOL  he texted me earlier today and told me i'd better have my boyfriend out by 5, so i'm guessing that's when he's planing on getting home.  our anniversary is tomorrow and we're going to go out next weekend so, i'm glad he got his little trip in this weekend.

yesterday i took the girls to Cornfest with my friend emily, her 2 kids and our friend laura's little boy, ethan.  surprises of all surprises, i didn't bring my camera!  i was kinda bummed about it because emma was SO brave.  she went on some rides that i never in a million years would have guessed she would ride.  we were there for a few hours and got the kiddos home in time for naps.  wristbands were $15 for unlimited rides from 12-4 so we totally took advantage of that.  madelyn and natalie didn't ride many rides but i think they really enjoyed watching the bigger kids get to ride all the rides.  they all got a corn dog (or in madelyn's case, a piece of pizza lol) and a lemonade so they were all quite happy!   we ended the night with a visit to my parent's house.  we made individual pizzas for everyone and had brownie sundaes.  then the girls got to do their very favorite thing to do at grandma and papa's house...they played games on their iphones! lol  madelyn seriously amazes me with how she navigates her way around that thing.  she does better than i do! 

i promised the girls that since the pumpkin farm opened this weekend that we could go today.  so...we all know what we did this morning!  we went and they played on the little houses, the pirate ship, and hay bales.  then we went on the steam engine ride, walked through the corn maze 3 times, checked out the tipi, bought a few things at the 'trading post' and then i picked them up a happy meal (and a pumpkin latte for myself) and we headed home!  they are now napping peacefully and i'm going to scrap my heart out the rest of the afternoon.  i have no impending deadlines for ct work and well, i just wanna scrap for me.  i've decided that i'm done applying for ct's for awhile.  i am very blessed with some wonderful teams and instead of trying to impress the people who aren't interested, i'm going to scrap for me.  it's been a long time coming and i've just recently started to realize that i don't HAVE to please everyone.  baby steps.  

before i sign off, i of course have to share a couple photos from today :)

and with that, i'm gonna leave this post.  until next time....

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