Tuesday, March 2, 2010

why do i even bother

i really do have every intention of keeping up with 365, i'm just horrible at posting.  We've been dealing with the sickies since we got home and now that it's gone through everyone, i think we're finally in the clear.  i had my turn sunday and monday, blech.  that's all i have to say about that.

first, lemme catch up on 365.  Have i mentioned that i love my family?  Everyone has such distinct personalities and it absolutely tickles me to no end.  these last few days you can really tell from the pics....

no pic yet for today....i'll try to get back and do that tonight.  it really was so much easier to do it daily then doing the catch up thing.

Like I mentioned before, I'm having MAJOR issues with coming back to crappy Illinois weather after being on vacation.  I'm just super sick of being cooped up in this house and all this dreary, gray weather.  If it weren't for the girls and my little chats with my friends on a daily basis, I may very well have gone insane by now!  

I can't believe I'm even going to say this but, I'm kinda having an issue with my weight.  I know people will want to smack me for saying it but, since being sick, I've dropped down to about 125.  In my opinion, that's too small for me.  I've always been overweight, I've always had meat on my bones, and now, I have none of that.  Darik teases me all the time about being so small but I kind of just blow it off because well, that's not the me in my head.  I want to be back around 135 or so but I don't want to go about gaining weight in the wrong ways.  I need my protein intake to remain about the same and I do not want to add a bunch of carbs back in. Who'd have ever guessed that *I* would be talking about trying to gain weight.  Oh, the irony.

ohohoh, so I picked up this SUPER cool CT.  I'm now CTing for my NeeNee!  If you know me as a scrapper, I typically stray from templates.  I love the idea of them, and I tend to collect them, but never use them.  I have to say though, I am ADDICTED to NeeNee's.  I was super stoked when she asked me to be on her CT.  I'm also guesting for my friend Tracy (Trixie Scraps) this month.  I looove her stuff and I'm kinda sad that I hadn't come across her stuffs sooner!  THEN, I found out yesterday that I ran the contest my friend Laura ({simply.scraps}) had to win all of her products for a month.  That is one thing I'm sooo excited about.  She has a totally fun and funky style and I'm loving everything she's been putting out lately.

ok, well, Emma is *still* hungry even though she just ate all of her lunch, so i suppose i should wrap it up and get going.  I'll try to keep updated but I can't say that'll happen!

Until next time...

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Tracy Anderson said...

Love ya, girlie... great post! :)