Saturday, January 30, 2010

end of the month?

Man.  Wasn't it just the end of the year?  This month fleeeewwww by.

We went shopping with my momma today.  I TOTALLY scored.  We went to Burlington Coat Factory because they have some majorly cute dresses.  Like, nice dresses and we're trying to convince my sister to get the girls' "junior bridesmaids" dresses there.  Well.  I needed stuff for our cruise, which is in 20 days btw, and Darik handed me a $100 bill and you know, I spent it all on myself.  I NEVER do that.  I  bought 2 dresses, a pair of sandals, earrings/necklace, and 3 tops.  I think I'm set now.  Darik still needs some shorts but I think that's something he needs to do on his own.

Yesterday we went to the dollar store, just to waste some time really.  Emma has been begging me for some heart suckers so we got those...

Madelyn obviously enjoyed the suckers as well

today's pic is one of my dresses.  I lurve it.  a little.  I hated shopping for so many years and to be able to go shopping now and have stuff that actually fits...well, I could have a bit of a shopping problem.
until next time...

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Crystal said...

oh YAY for new clothes for you!! Like you, I NEVER go shopping for myself. I have like once so I can totally relate!! I bet you feel oh so pretty in your new goodies too! That's the best thing about new clothes!!! Love your piccies!