Tuesday, October 20, 2009

It's a new dawn...it's a new day...

The girls slept...most of the night last night!!!  YAY!  We decided that instead of letting Emma use her "noisy" (one of those noise machines with rain falling, nature noises, etc.) that she's used since she was a baby, that we'd let her have her TV on.  I know, we're replacing one bad habit with another, BUT Darik sleeps with the TV on and she always wants to be like Daddy.  I had had a discussion with her earlier in the day and I asked her why she hasn't been sleeping.  The truth finally came out.  She's afraid that the house is going to catch on fire and she's afraid of bats. :(  So, last night I let her blow out the candle (therefore, no fire) and we sprayed her room with "bat spray" ( a lil' Febreeze).  She woke up once at 12:30 because something happened with her TV, the channel changed when it was upgrading and she must have gotten up and noticed.  I went upstairs and turned Noggin/Nick Jr back on for her and she slept until 6:30 this morning!  Madelyn woke up at 4:30 but she only cried for a couple minutes and it's now 7 AM and she's still sleeping!  I gotta say...it's amazing what a lil' sleep does for someone!

Yesterday we had a dentist appointment.  Emma's teeth looked great and she didn't even cry this time.  She actually laughed when they "tickled her teeth."  Momma however has a cavity.  I swear, these children have killed my teeth.  I have to go back tomorrow morning to get it filled. 

Darik has decided that he needs to lose some weight.  He's got hooorrrible knees so he wants to get some weight off to ease the pain.  He started South Beach again yesterday so I'm hoping he's successful.  I seriously think he just wants to get some weight off for the cruise ;)

Today is a lazy day.  I need to catch up on some scrapping and what not so that's that.  Keep your fingers crossed that the sleep keeps up!!

Until next time...

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Faye said...

Oh, I am SO glad you all got some good sleep! And best of luck to Darik on his weight loss, I need to get my ass in gear and get losing, too! :D