Monday, October 19, 2009

a hot mess...

The title pretty much sums it up.  The girls both have not been sleeping.  Last night Emma was up at 10:30 and then from pretty much 1:30 until 4:00 when Darik snapped.  Add to that Madelyn waking up crying at 3:30 and you've got the situation in our house right now.  I seriously have no idea what to do.  I have taken all of Emma's toys out of her room.  The only thing she has are her bed, her dresser, her TV (which I can monitor) and her books.  I have told her that she will not be going to tumbling tonight because she can't sleep.  I'm going to talk to her teacher today to see if she's been acting differently at school.  I just am done.  I'm so tired.  I cry at everything.  I yell at the kids.  I don't want to do anything but sleep...which I obviously can't do...I'm just done.  Darik got up at 3:30 and came undone with Emma.  It did NOTHING.  Madelyn cried in her crib for an hour, fell asleep for an hour and then woke back up.  So, here it is 6:30 in the morning and I have slept maybe 12 hours in the past 4 nights.  I'm hoping someone reading this can help me because I'm out of options at this point.  I'm going to crash or meltdown and hard.  I apologize for seeming as if I'm in a hopeless situation but at this point, that's what it seems like.  February 17th can not come fast enough.

Saturday night we went to one of Darik's friends for a hayrack ride.  We didn't ride the rack because it was freezing and nothing about that seemed fun to us.  So, we hung out at the house until everyone got back (there were other people there also) and sat around and BSed until about 1 AM (not a good idea given the current sleep situation in the house but hey).  It was so nice to go out and just sit and chat with friends we don't see often.  I seriously have not gone out like that in probably 2 years.

Today we have to take back the carpet cleaner to the hardware store by 9 AM, then Emma and I have dentist appointments at 10:30.  I'll drop Emma and Karly off at school about noon and then hopefully I'll get to catch a quick nap while Madelyn (hopefully) naps.

We booked our cruise...I think I failed to mention that. LOL  We're leaving out of Mobile, AL on February 18th and we'll be going to Cozumel and then back to Mobile on the 22nd.  We're going to drive down there so we'll actually be leaving early on the 17th.  Thankfully our parents are willing to watch the girls for us.  I seriously can not wait.  Darik and I have never taken a vacation together so it'll be nice on so many levels.

Ok, I'm done.  I'm rambly and that's never good for anyone.

Until next time...

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Faye said...

Oh, hon! *hugs hugs hugs* I have BEEN THERE with Zack. It got so bad I had to talk to his Pediatrician. She told me that it's completely normal for kids to switch their days/nights a couple of times over the course of their first few years. She recommended giving him a dose of Benadryl an hour to an hour and a half before the time I'd want to 'set' as his sleep time. Get a routine, warm bath, story, snuggles, etc. and then get out. She said to do this for 3-4 nights in a row. It worked for us. THANK GOD! I'm sure other people will have more suggestions, too, and don't hesitate to call her Dr and ask for their help! I hope that you get a fat nap today and that you start getting to sleep at night, SOON!!