Wednesday, August 26, 2009

so, yah

Why do I even bother with a blog? I only update like every couple weeks! BAD BLOGGER

Let's see, what's new in our lives? LOTS and LOTS.

Let's start with the kidlets...
Emma went back to school Monday and she couldn't be happier. She was a little put out that all of her friends went to kindergarten this year but she's quickly making friends at pre-school. She really wants to go all day. I'm hoping she just continues with this love for school the older she gets. Monday night was also her first night of tumbling. She loved it. I was kind of nervous because of the whole eye thing, but she did sooo well. I told her that if she loves it this term (it's an 8 week session, Monday nights at 5:45 for 45 minutes), we can do it again next term, and maybe even get her in some dance classes. It really made me realize that my baby girl is growing up *sniff sniff*

Madelyn. Oh, Madelyn. Teeth. That's the biggest thing in her life right now. She just got all 4 molars and is now working on her eye teeth. BOO! I stand firm in my thinking that they should just get them all in one day. That way you have one day of pure torture and then it's done. The whole 2 years of this SUCKS. She's starting to talk like crazy and is definitely Darik's child. It's so cute when we go to pick up Emma from school every day. She sits in the back seat (obviously lol) the whole time and goes "sissy? sissy?" SO cute.

Me...well, my bday was Monday. Sunday we had dinner at John and Gloria's and it was nice. Darik's grandma got me a cookbook (which I LOVE so much), Darik's parents gave me some money, his bro and GF got me a gift card and Darik got me the rest of the Sookie books (YAY!). I can not wait to go shopping soon. My parents also gave me some cash so you can bet your booty I'm going to spend it on myself this year!

Darik's still working crazy mad hours so it's me and the girls a lot. It's kind of nice to have school and tumbling to keep us structured again. The girls were really getting bored with sitting at home and playing outside.

I guess that's about it...didn't wind up being as long as I thought it would. Guess we lead boring lives! ;

I'll be back soon with some exciting news about a digihaven! ;)

Until next time....

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