Thursday, August 27, 2009

FOBTY 8/27

Today Sarah wants to know what kind of exercise routine we do (or don't do) now that school's back in and we're back into a routine.

Well, exercise and me are kind of a team. Ever since having surgery in December, I make sure that I do something every day. Normally it just consists of taking a walk with the girls, but some days I "exercise" with the girls. I always make sure they're involved in some way. Whether it's laying on the floor playing "Superman" with them or chasing them in the yard for a little while, or even dancing in the living room (our favorite is "Hoedown Throwdown"), I make sure I do something to get the blood pumping. My best friend has joined the gym in the next town over and it has daycare too. I've been tossing around the idea of going with her...I just don't know if I'll stay faithful.

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Sara x said...

My favourite form of exercise - that I love so much I don't really count it - is my walk to and from school with my son. Best part of my day :)

Thanks for joining in the FOBTY!